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This Salon Uses Nutella To Dye Women’s Hair Brown

Can you really use Nutella to dye your hair? And should you?

Apparently, Nutella is good for more than just eating on toast (or… ahem… out of the jar with a spoon). It’s also being used as hair dye in a salon in Beirut, Lebanon. And strangely…it looks pretty darn good.

At Salon Abed & Samer, stylists are applying the chocolate spread to blonde hair, along with other salon-grade dyeing ingredients. One video they’ve released also shows a stylist drizzling hair with sweetened condensed milk after the Nutella is applied. Hungry yet? Though it sounds insane, the Nutella actually seems to help tone down the brassy colors in this woman’s hair to a smoother, darker hue.


The problem is not whether or not it works, however, but how long it will last.

“It depends on the hair,” salon owner Abed Allahitani told Metro UK. “If you want light caramel color, it can last around two or three weeks, but if you want it dark and are willing to leave the chocolate on longer, it will last longer.”

There have been internet rumors that strong coffee or tea can also help deepen the color of your hair when applied like hair dye, but Nutella is definitely new to this game. The ingredient henna (made out of a flowering shrub) has also traditionally been used throughout the Middle East and India to dye hair red. Plus, there’s the whole Kool-Aid hair dye trend that has been intriguing teens since, well…forever.

Why Nutella? The stylists say the palm oil in Nutella is good for the hair, as it can help make strands soft and shiny.

But others point out that the use of palm oil is extremely damaging to the environment: it is harvested from what should be protected lands in fragile ecosystems like Indonesia and India. And the farming of palm oil has resulted in massive environmental damage and the destruction of huge swathes of wildlife habitats for endangered species, including rhinos, elephants and tigers.

What do you think of this hair dyeing practice?