See How This Dad Transforms A Boring Bedroom Into A Magical Treehouse

Dad of the year, GNDxero, made this epic treehouse-themed room for his kids a few years ago. What makes it so cool?

The fact that he builds the playhouse around two twin-sized beds, so his kids can sleep, play and interact with each other.

How It’s Made

On the top is a green netting. Meant to mimic leaves, it’s great for storing stuffed animals and [gasp] there’s a secret trap door to allow kids up into the foliage for climbing fun.

The bed-level has fun cut-outs for imaginative play. And below the bed, is a cool nook to crawl and pretend you’re underground, below the tree house.

Of course, he makes it practical too. He included built-in drawers for storage. His step-by-step instructional video is perfect for anyone that would like to try their hand at this project.

Perhaps the cutest part is when he reveals it to his kids at the end. They squeal in delight and immediately start to crawl, climb, and play in their new space. One can be heard saying, “Oh my gosh, daddy, this is the best thing! We should show this to the President!”

Do you know someone that would love this DIY project?