6 Signs You’re Actually An Outgoing Introvert, Because Yes, Those Exist


You’ve probably always considered yourself either an extrovert or an introvert, because in the dichotomy, you were either one or the other. Well, like with many things in life, this is not a simple case of black and white.

There’s a large gray area to account for a wide range of personalities. These two options are really opposite ends of a spectrum rather than a simple case of this or that.

According to Inc.com, the majority of people fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and are more ambiverts. So, if you consider yourself to be a little more reserved, but still outgoing, that’s likely because you are really an outgoing introvert, and it all depends on your mood/how many times you’ve been in social settings in a week. Because we can all only handle so much.

These six signs will help you figure out if you’re an outgoing introvert. And take it from someone who is, if you can relate to these six things, then you’re definitely somewhere in the middle of the extrovert/introvert spectrum.

1. You’re Selectively Social

You definitely don’t mind hanging out with a group of people, even large groups, but you can only take so much of it. You find yourself selectively scheduling when you go to social events because you’d prefer to spread them out whenever possible.


2. You Have A Small Friend Group

When it comes to close friends, you keep a very tight-knit circle of just a few people, and that is perfectly fine with you. It’s not that you don’t let people in, it’s just that you’re not constantly seeking new friends orattention. Why would you when you’ve already got such great friends that you’re comfortable with, you know?


3. You Enjoy Meeting People But Can Also Find Them Exhausting

You love to casually people-watch from a coffee shop window, and you especially enjoy meeting unique people with interesting backgrounds. But mindless small talk is not really your thing, and after having to make conversation with strangers, you need to take a couple of days to just be by yourself and rejuvenate.


4. You Value Your Alone Time

Not only do you not mind being alone, you savor a little quality me time. In fact, there’s hardly another person that you’d like to spend time with, and I may be a little biased here, but I see nothing wrong with that.


5. You Can Be The Life Of The Party

Because you like meeting new people and don’t necessarily consider yourself anti-social by any means, some people would never know how introverted you can be at times, especially not if it’s their first time meeting you. When you’re in the right mood, and have had limited social engagements that week, you’re quite the life of the party.


6. It Takes You Time To Warm Up

It can also take you a little time to warm up to people, mainly because you don’t particularly care for mindless chatter about the weather. But once you start to get to know people a little better, you’re fine talking about virtually anything. It just takes you a little time to loosen up. It’s almost as though you have to remind yourself that you’re not alone and then get over the anxiety that comes along with that.


If these things perfectly describe your interactions with other people, then you can go ahead and consider yourself an outgoing introvert. You’re not alone in this because many people (myself included) fall in this category. And if you do, your nightly thought process probably goes a little something like this:

What should I do tonight? Hmm, I could either stay in or go to that housewarming party I was invited to. Decisions, decisions. There’s still a whole lot of Netflix that’s just begging to be watched. It could just be nice to stay in tonight. Just me and the couch.


Yeah, I feel you.

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