Skip the flowers and send your Valentine a donut bouquet

Sure, flowers are great and all. But nothing says “be mine” quite like a bouquet of donuts. How could you not admire someone who sends you not one, but 10 donuts, all covered in gorgeous pink and red glazes and sprinkles? It sure beats the average teddy bear, box of chocolates or dozen red roses. So if you’re wondering what to get your significant other this year, take note, friends. Take note.

Harry & David had the right idea when they came up with this edible arrangement. Because this isn’t just a box of donuts — which would admittedly be pretty great, too — but a bouquet. That’s right. The donuts come arranged like flowers, skewered at different heights and wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper.

Can you imagine receiving this on Valentine’s Day?

Harry & David

What a joyous occasion that would be, indeed!

These donuts will cost you $49.99 in the end, but it’s well worth it for something as special as sharing donuts with the one you love on Valentine’s Day.

If your sweetie happens to be more of a candy lover, you can also shop bouquets made entirely of Reese’s cups — or other candies — at Walmart. These will run you anywhere from around $35 to $59 depending on what type you choose. But again — totally worth the price in the end!

The Reese’s Cup version is going for $44.99 online at Walmart.


The moral of this story? Food > flowers. Make sure you plan your Valentine’s Day gifts accordingly.