Family sings about kids’ homemade slime in ‘Time After Time’ parody

For reasons adults will never understand, kids everywhere are absolutely obsessed with making their own slime. One family struck by the slime obsession recently shared a parody of Cyndi Lauper’s 1980s classic “Time After Time” which is called — you guessed it — “Slime After Slime.”

The Holderness Family of Raleigh, North Carolina, are already well-known on YouTube for their hilarious videos that poke fun at parenting, family drama and, really, at themselves. (A few years ago, you may have seen their popular “Christmas Jammies” video!)  The latest subject of a Holderness family video is their daughter, Lola, and her slime collection. The parody has been viewed more than 21 million times on Facebook because, well, it seems like parents everywhere can relate!

Sticky couches, glue in the hair and missing saline solution — these are just some of the problems her parents are coping with due to this slimy trend:

“Our home is now like a meth lab for kids, slime after slime,” dad Penn Holderness sings in his family’s version of the song. The little brother can’t use any glue, the father is looking for the Tupperware, the mom is cleaning glitter off the kitchen table and daughter refuses to throw any of her homemade slime away!

While slime can be an annoyance, Kim Holderness said it’s also channeling their 11-year-old daughter’s creative side. “At the end of the day, she’s experimenting, creating, and not on a screen — besides watching slime tutorials on YouTube,” Kim Holderness said in an interview with “As long as I don’t see a flake of glitter or smudge of glue she can continue the habit.”

She also said her daughter was thrilled to get more Tupperware containers for a recent birthday. Hey, it is one way to coax your kids away from the tablets and phones!

Do you know kids who are really into whipping up their own batches of slime? If so, here are nine homemade slime recipes to try.

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