Sprite’s Winter Spiced Cranberry soda is back and now comes in a new zero-sugar variety


It may only be October, but if you’re already ready for holiday flavors, Sprite has already brought back their Winter Spiced Cranberry holiday flavor. Plus, there’s a new zero-sugar option, too.

In stores nationwide now for a limited time and while supplies last, Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry Zero Sugar take the crisp lemon-lime flavor of Sprite up a notch with a warm spice blend and tart Cranberry flavor. You’ll find Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry in both 20-ounce and 2-liter bottles, while the zero-sugar option is available in a 2-liter bottle. The zero-sugar version is sweetened with aspartame and also has zero calories.


To celebrate the launch, Sprite teamed up with UNWRP to create custom gift wrap (pictured above) inspired by the flavor. Fans who share their love for Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry on their social media channels or sign up for Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry notifications on Sprite.com will have the chance to receive the gift wrap for free.

While this is the only holiday flavor from Sprite, they have reinvented their soda a few times in recent years. This included launching a lemonade flavor in 2019 and a ginger flavor in 2020.

The ginger-flavored Sprite is still available in regular and zero-sugar. The soda combines the classic lemon-lime Sprite taste with a hint of ginger. Because it’s just a tiny bit, it isn’t really a ginger ale. The ginger flavor is not overpowering.


Coca-Cola has also released a cinnamon flavor for the holidays in previous years, but there is no word yet on if it will be making a return. The flavor is currently viewable on their website, but there are no sellers listed and it is out of stock at Walmart.

While both Coca-Cola Cinnamon and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry sound great on their own, you may want to consider using them as cocktail mixers as well! Captain Morgan makes a sliced apple rum that sounds perfect as a complement to Cinnamon Coca-Cola, and you may want to try mixing the Sprite with vodka for a bubbly take on a cranberry vodka cocktail.


 Are you ready for holiday flavors?

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