11 Stain Removing Tricks That Everyone Needs To Know

Sometimes your average laundry detergent just isn’t enough when it comes to fighting tough stains. Get creative with your laundry routine by using easy DIYs to help clean your clothes.

In fact, there are several stain removing hacks that will help to clean any spill or mishap. Here are 11 DIY stain removing tricks that will keep your clothing looking good as new.

1. Red Wine

First, flush the stain with club soda, blot out the liquid, and then smother the stain with salt to remove most of the stain, according to LifeHack.com. Launder the shirt as normal to remove the last of the stain.

wine photo
Photo by Wojtek Szkutnik

2. Candle Wax

According to WhoWhatWear.com, place an ice cube over the wax, let soak, and then scrap away the hardened wax with a butter knife.

candle photo
Photo by unbekannt270

3. Makeup Stains

Elle recommends to spray the makeup stain throughly with hairspray, let soak for 10 minutes, and the dab it away with a damp cloth.

makeup photo
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4. Diaper Stains

Remove diaper stains with ease by using this all natural method TheHubledHomeMaker.com. The blogger recommends to place a freshly washed cloth diaper (still wet) into the direct sunlight. The sun will help to further bleach the cloth, and lighten the fabric.

diaper photo
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5. Ink Stains

OneGoodThingByJillie.com suggests kicking ink stains to the curb by rubbing hand sanitizer into the fresh stain, and then throwing the item in the washing machine.

pen photo
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6. Grease Stains

Apartmenttherapy.com swears by white chalk as a savior to grease-stained clothing. According to the site, the powder from the chalk will help to absorb the grease, making it easier for your detergent to remove the rest in the wash.

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7. Sweat

Looking to remove sweat stains for good? Here are nine DIY solutions for removing even the most stubborn of yellow stains.


8. Coffee

Keep a coffee stain from spreading by blotting away the liquid, and then sprinkling baking soda over the stain. Make sure to launder, however, to remove the stain thoroughly.

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9. Tomato-Based Stains

Cosmopolitan recommends flushing the stain with cold water, and dabbing lemon juice over the area. Simply flush, dab, and repeat to remove the stain.

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10. Nail Polish

Spilling nail polish on your carpet doesn’t have to be an utter disaster, according to POPSUGAR. If your carpet is white or a lighter color, use a non-acetone nail polish remover to dab away the stain. If the carpet is a darker color, turn to hairspray or rubbing alcohol to sponge away the liquid.

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11. Blood

If you find yourself dealing with a blood stain, then Elle suggests adding a can of Coca Cola to your laundry cycle. The bubbly drink along with your regular detergent will help to knock out the stain.

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