You Can Now Buy Pre-Prepped Stouffer’s Family Meal Kits At Your Local Grocery Store

If you’ve ever used a meal-kit delivery service, you know how helpful they can be. All the ingredients come in one box, and all you have to do is follow instructions to cook it and you have a fabulous meal (that looks like it was harder to cook than it was).

Unfortunately, most meal kits have to be ordered online, so it will take a bit of planning on your part. If you’re more of an “I have no idea what to have for dinner tonight” type of person but love the idea of a meal in a box, you might want to check out Stouffer’s new meal kits.


Available at major grocery stores nationwide (such as Kroger, Walmart, HyVee and Sam’s Club), the meal kits cost around $15.99 and serve four. The kits all have protein, vegetables, grains and a sauce, and they include pre-measured and pre-chopped ingredients.

Stouffer’s says they’re also ready in under 25 minutes, so you won’t be spending too long in the kitchen preparing your meals.

You’ll find four different meals currently in stores: roasted Tuscan-style chicken, braised pork, sesame chicken and beef and broccoli.


Stouffer’s isn’t the only brand selling meal kits at the grocery store. WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) has also launched brand-new meal kits, and they’re in most Hy-Vee and some Sprouts stores, as well as online through Blue Apron. There are six varieties, and they cost between $14 to $20. Each meal serves two people and includes the WW point values.

Back to that whole thinking-ahead thing: Green Chef, an online meal kit delivery service, also added new healthy meal kits for the new year. While they already have meal kits for a variety of diets like keto, vegetarian and paleo, they have now added new categories “lean and clean,” “heart smart,” Mediterranean and pescatarian.

Green Chef

Will you be trying Stouffer’s new meal kits, or any others?