Summer Temperatures Are Expected To Last Longer Than Usual This Year

September has arrived, and before the month is out, fall will officially be here. But, that summer heat isn’t likely to suddenly disappear on the first day of fall — Sept. 22.

After a summer filled with exceptionally hot temperatures,  many of us are looking forward to some cooler weather and possibly watching the leaves change color.

The latest forecast models, however, are pointing to warmer than average temperatures across most of the country through November.

Most of that heat will likely be concentrated across the Southwest and the Northeast.

Fall temperatures 2020
Climate Prediction Center

This doesn’t necessarily mean all of us will be wearing shorts on Thanksgiving.

These forecast models predict temperatures relative to what regions typically see this time of year, so this just means the cool, crisp weather you may be craving will likely arrive a week or two later than usual.

After all, a warmer than average day in early September is significantly warmer than a warmer than average day in late November.

If all you’re looking for is relief from the extreme summer heat, you may get your wish sooner rather than later.

The latest monthly forecast from the Climate Prediction Center shows a wave of cooler air moving across the eastern two-thirds of the country.

Climate Prediction Center

While fall doesn’t begin until later in the month, some of us may get a tiny taste of some early fall weather a few weeks early.

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