You can buy a chocolate that looks just like an avocado

If you love both chocolate and avocados or know someone who does, Target has the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you: a white chocolate candy that’s in the shape of a sliced avocado.

The “Let’s Avo-Cuddle” Valentine’s Day candy is available both Target stores and on and retails for $5.99. The candy features a green textured outside, just like a real avocado, and a slightly less realistic heart-shaped milk chocolate piece in the middle of the avocado’s pit.

If you were wondering whether the flavor somehow mimicked the shape, you should know that the white chocolate on the inside of the avocado is not avocado-flavored. Still, this candy would make for an adorable gift for anyone who is obsessed with avocados or always pays extra for guac.


For more avocado-themed V-Day gifts, take a look at these other ideas.

“You’re All I Avo Wanted” Crew Socks

Also available at Target, these $4 novelty women’s crew socks have Valentine’s Day appropriate pink toes and heels. They also feature images of an avocado with a heart-shaped center as well as avocado-themed text underneath that reads, “You’re all I avo wanted.” You can give them to a loved one, or snag a pair for yourself.


“You’re The Avocado To My Toast” Tea Towel And Cookie Cutter Set

Since there’s nothing that goes together better than avocados and toast, this tea towel has the perfect message. “You’re the avocado to my toast,” it reads alongside a cute illustration of an avocado and a piece of toast. This $29 gift set also comes with an avocado-shaped cookie cutter.


Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado Stroller Toy

For the little one in your life who may not be able to eat an avocado yet, this stroller toy is the next best thing. The toy is designed to attach to a stroller or car seat and contains two soft pieces of an avocado. One has smiling face and a clear center with tiny balls that make a sound like a rattle. It’s $7.99.


What people really want for Valentine’s Day might not be avocado-themed, though. So it might not be a bad idea to pick up some of Lindt’s new Valentine truffles while you’re on the candy aisle!

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