The Very Best Dessert In Every State

Remember when your mom used to tell you that you had to clean your plate before you ate dessert? Well, forget that. You’re an adult now and can eat a big, fat piece of cake as your first meal of the day if you want to. And believe us, you will want to do just that when you see our picks for the best dessert in every U.S. state.

We’ve scoured countless Yelp reviews, Trip Advisor entries, restaurant websites, and drooled over way too many pictures of confections to bring you the single most delicious dessert in each state. If there was ever a time to start that sweets-inspired road trip, it’s now.


1. Alabama: Lane Cake At The Cakerie In Birmingham

If you’re a literature junkie, you’ll know Lane cake from “To Kill a Mockingbird.” If you just know really, really great cake, you’ll love Alabama Lane cake — especially the “vintage” version crafted at The Cakerie with TLC and lots of bourbon, pecan, and scrumptious vanilla buttercream.

The best part: Lane cake is even better after it sits for a couple of days and the bourbon really soaks in there, but it’s pretty tough to not eat it before that.


2. Alaska: Boca Negra At Two Sisters Bakery In Homer

There are only two things you need to know about the Boca Negra at Two Sisters Bakery: Flourless chocolate + wine. The decadent dessert isn’t really a cake, but it is rich and it is delicious and that’s all that really matters, right?

The best part: Two Sisters Bakery also cooks up fresh bread and plenty of other goodies daily.

3. Arizona: Peanut Butter Push Pop At Citizen Public House In Scottsdale

Remember those sherbert push pops we all loved as kids? Well, the push pop at Citizen Public House is approximately one million times more delicious and decadent. It’s a semifreddo push pop, complete with a double chocolate brownie, salted run caramel, whipped cream, PB crunch, and finished off with two “boozy” cherries. If that doesn’t make you want to skip dinner and head straight to dessert, we don’t know what will.

The Best Part: You can take home a “bag ‘o bacon brittle” if you’re too stuffed after your push pop.

4. Arkansas: Possum Pie At Stoby’s In Russellville And Conway

If you head to Stoby’s for their legendary Possum Pie, don’t freak out when you see that it’s “only available during possum season.” First of all, they’re just kidding. Secondly, there is absolutely no rodent in said pie. It’s actually layers of whipped, sweetened cream cheese, pecans, vanilla and chocolate cream filling, and topped off with whipped cream and more pecans. It’s a creamy dream, basically.

The Best Part: You can buy a whole Possum Pie at PattiCakes, next to the Russellville location. Stoby’s owner David Stobaugh’s wife started the bakery in 2006.

5. California: Coconut Gelato Pie At Gusto In Los Angeles

In a city like L.A., it’s nearly impossible to try every single restaurant — let alone all the desserts. But if you’re going to just hit one place for something sweet while you’re in SoCal, head to Gusto for the coconut gelato pie. Just do it. The simplicity of the gelato with graham cracker crust, chocolate fonduta & toasted coconut makes it that much better.

The Best Part: Gusto also makes some of the best pasta in town, so make sure you leave room for dessert!

6. Colorado: Chocolate Hemisphere At SugarMill In Denver

Editor’s note: Bummer! It looks like SugarMill closed up shop.

In the grand scheme of things, you’d think it would be tough to make a chocolate “sphere” that was too pretty to eat, but SugarMill has done the job. Said sphere is full of devil’s food cake, caramelized bananas, and rum raisin ice cream and the plating literally looks out of this world.

The Best Part: There’s also a warm donut sundae on the menu.

7. Connecticut: Walrus Pie at Walrus & Carpenter In Black Rock

There is way too much to love when it comes to Walrus Pie at Walrus + Carpenter, as it’s full of bacon-chocolate chip cookie crust, bacon crumble, bacon candy & peanut butter ice cream, for good measure. Come for the amazing BBQ, but you’ve definitely got to save room for dessert.

The Best Part: Walrus + Carpenter has a dessert menu of six different kinds of pie, so there are other options if you’ve already had enough bacon at dinner — but is there really ever such a thing as too much bacon?

8. Delaware: Dessert At The House Of William & Merry In Hockessin

It doesn’t matter what’s on the dessert menu at The House of William & Merry — just order it. The restaurant has received the Best of Delaware Trifecta (Best Chef, Best Fine Dining Upstate, and Best in Hockessin) for two years in a row and it’s easy to see (and taste) why. Everything at this farm-to-table establishment is produced locally and beautifully plated and pastry chef Ryan Flynn’s desserts are no exception.

On the late summer menu now are desserts like “Don’t Be So Corny,”: chocolate-corn lava cake, carmel popcorn, sweet corn puree, salted caramel, chocolate sauce, and caramel-corn semifreddo. YUM.

The Best Part: The restaurant also serves brunch, which includes the house breakfast burrito du jour.

9. Florida: HipPOPs Food Truck In South Florida

Popsicles are great and all, but when they’re made of gelato then dipped in pretty much any topping you’d ever want, then you’ve really got something going. HipPOPs, a food truck and catering service in Miami and the South Florida area, features made-to-order pops that can be dipped in chocolate (or half-dipped or drizzled) then you pick your topping (nuts, sprinkles, crushed Reese’s…and the list goes on).

The Best Part: You can try amazing flavors of yogurt or sorbet too, if for some odd reason gelato isn’t your thing.

10. Georgia: Ivy’s Heavenly Peach Cobbler In Atlanta

They say Ivy’s Heavenly Cobbler is the best on the planet and who are we to argue? These sweet treats are baked from scratch in Atlanta from a recipe passed down from the owner’s stepmother before she passed away from cancer. Now these goodies are shipped far and wide from Georgia, making for very happy cobbler customers.

The Best Part: You can order and freeze one for up to three months so you’re never without delicious peach cobbler.

11. Hawaii: Mochi At Bubbies Ice Cream Parlor In Honolulu

There’s mochi then there’s Bubbies mochi. Even if you’ve never been to the actual Bubbies shop on Oahu, chances are you’ve heard of these frozen treats. They’re downright delicious and come in flavors guaranteed to please any palette — from azuki bean to raspberry white chocolate and many, many in between.

The Best Part: These days, you don’t have to travel all the way to Hawaii for some Bubbies. They’re shipped and stocked at many retailers in the US, but, of course, it’s always best to go straight to the source.

12. Idaho: Westside’s Famous Idaho Ice Cream Potato At Westside Drive-In In Boise

The most important thing to know about this dessert: There are no potatoes involved. This stunt dessert helped make the Westside Drive-In famous and has been a menu staple for decades. It’s actually ice cream rolled in cocoa powder, topped with “sour cream” whipped cream then drowned in chocolate sauce. It’s delicious and makes for great Instagram pics.

The Best Part: The neon pink restaurant sign that has been signaling lovers of delicious comfort food since 1985.

13. Illinois: Hot Chocolate At Mindy’s Hot Chocolate In Chicago

Hot chocolate definitely doesn’t have to be reserved for dessert, especially somewhere with Chicago’s chilly temps, but when you’re dealing with a version as decadent as the one at Mindy’s — it’s dessert. Mindy Segal’s hot chocolate comes in a variety of flavors (from exotic lemon to tried-and-true old fashioned) and the handmade marshmallows are the cherry on top.

The Best Part: Seriously every single thing on Mindy’s menu looks like the best thing you’ll ever eat — so come for the hot chocolate but stay for at least one other meal. (And then take some pastries home too.)

14. Indiana: Hoosier Sugar Pie At My Sugar Pie In Zionsville

The pies at My Sugar Pie all look picture perfect, but the standout has got to be the Indiana state pie, Hoosier sugar pie. It mostly contains a few very important ingredients — butter, sugar, and cream — and is just as rich and delicious as you’d expect.

The Best Part: There are plenty of other amazing pie varieties at this family-owned bakery.

15. Iowa: Pie Shake at Hamburg Inn No. 2 In Iowa City

Everyone likes pie and everyone likes soft serve, so why not put them together in one tall frosty glass? The folks at Hamburg Inn No. 2 have done just that and they’re pie shakes are now “world famous.” Even the menu says, “if you never had one, you probably should.” Simply pick your type of pie and before you know it you’ll be drinking it out of a straw (and with a spoon, no doubt).

The Best Part: The pies are baked fresh daily by a nearby bakery.

16. Kansas: Coconut Cream Pie From Sommerset Hall In Dover

Sommerset Hall Cafe‘s Norma Grubb put this Dover cafe on the map in 2008 after she was the winner of their Best Slice Challenge on Good Morning America that year. Norma quit making pies at the ripe old age of 89 and passed away a few years ago, but her legacy lives on in her famous pie.

The Best Part: Norma Grubb made over 10,000 pies in her lifetime and even Diane Sawyer called to request a pie for her holiday yacht trip one year.

coconut cream pie photo
Flickr | Stacy Spensley

17. Kentucky: Mint Julep Cake At Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe

It’s no surprise that there are plenty of restaurants with mint julep-themed items on their menus in Kentucky, but Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe takes the cake (ha!). Their mint julep cake is a chocolate cake with layers of bourbon and Crème de Menthe buttercream and won’t give you a hangover — thought it might give you a tummy ache if you have that fourth slice. You’ve been warned…

The Best Part: The bakery/cafe makes all sorts of special occasion confections, including the Neopolitan cake that is one layer of chocolate, pound, and red velvet cakes, topped off with a layer of cream cheese frosting between each. Yes, please!

18. Louisiana: Ice Box Pie At Strawn’s Eat Shop In Shreveport

We all know about Cafe Du Monde’s beignets, and they’re great — but we’re gaga for the ice box pie at Strawn’s Eat Shop when it comes to Louisiana desserts. You can get a slice (or whole ice box pie) in either strawberry, chocolate, coconut, butterscotch, banana, or peach and your only regret will be not getting one of each.

The Best Part: The iconic Shreveport cafe now has three locations, so there’s plenty of ice box pie to go around.

19. Maine: Gelato at Gelato Fiasco In Portland

You couldn’t sample every flavor of gelato made by Gelato Fiasco even if you tried. Even if you had a year! The Maine gelato outpost has made over 1,500 flavorswith milk from Maine family farms and real, local ingredients. Seriously.

The Best Part: The Maine Wild Blueberry Sorbetto is made from local blueberry fields and is a little slice of Maine heaven.

20. Maryland: Smith Island Cake At Smith Island Baking Co. In Crisfield

There’s cake then there’s Smith Island Cake, which consists of 10 (TEN!) layers of cake and delicious frosting. Originally, in the 1800s, it was the dessert that wives sent out to their husbands who harvested oysters in the local waters, then Smith Island Baking Co. started up in 2009 to preserve and share the tradition.

The Best Part: Now you can order this towering cake in divine flavors like caramel cream, cooked coconut, chocolate peanut butter, and even red velvet.

21. Massachusetts: Cannoli From Modern Pastry In Boston

If you know anything about the Boston Italian pastry scene, you know there’s an on-going (never-ending) debate over who makes the best cannoli in the area. We’re going with Modern Pastry for that win — and best dessert in the state, in fact.

The Best Part: Modern has been in business for over 70 years and you can’t go wrong with any confection that catches your eye at the bakery.

22. Michigan: Seasonal Eton Mess At Grange Kitchen And Bar In Ann Arbor

It doesn’t get much fresher than at Grange Kitchen and Bar and the same goes when it comes to dessert at this farm-to-table restaurant. The after-dinner options include a Seasonal Eton Mess, which will make you want to come back the whole year through. The current offerings: strawberries, sweet basil whipped cream, and baked meringue.

The Best Part: There’s also a dessert option called Cafe Gourmand for those indecisive folks out there — it’s an assortment of delicious mini desserts served with a cup of Roos Roast coffee.

23. Minnesota: Horchata Semifreddo From Hola Arepa In Minneapolis

Have you ever had carmelized Rice Krispies and Corn Pops? Well, now is your chance at Hola Arepa. The Latin restaurant dishes these breakfast favorites for dessert atop sweet corn cape, with horchata semifreddo and blackberry compote to boot. Yes, please!

The Best Part: You can also order the S’mores Racines Cake for dessert and go home really happy (and full).

24. Mississippi: Black Bottom Pie At Weidmann’s In Meridian

Comfort food is the name of the game at Weidmann’s, which has been around since 1870, and their world famous black bottom pie is the epitome of that. It’s listed in Peter Greenurg’s 2012 book Best Places for Everything and should clearly be on your dessert bucket list.

The Best Part: The restaurant is also known for its lemon almond pie — so save room!


25. Missouri: Banana Cream Pie At Scape In St. Louis

The Nutter Butter crust is what makes Scape‘s banana cream pie stand out from the rest — that, and the banana custard, fresh whipped cream, and caramel sauce AND the caramelized bananas on top. Apparently the chef at Scape took this item off the menu a few years ago because he ate “one a day,” but it appears that this scrumptious pie is here to stay now.

The Best Part: Scape’s bread pudding is also out of this world.

26. Montana: Cupcakes At LUXE In Bozeman

We don’t think (okay, we know) you can’t actually get drunk from the confections at LUXE, where they “turn cocktails into cupcakes”, but when you have a bite you’ll want to leave the bar and set up shop at their mobile tasting room. Flavors include Noir Vin Rouge (Decadent chocolate cake & dark chocolate ganache both with old vine Zinfandel) and Fireball (classic vanilla cupcake flavored with Fireball and cinnamon then topped with cream cheese frosting) and the selection is constantly being updated.

The Best Part: LUXE has a “Sweet Society” cupcake club where you can have sweets delivered to you monthly. Plus, $10 of every new membership goes to a local charity.

27. Nebraska: Almond Butter Rainbow Cake At The Chocolate Bar In Grand Island

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you won’t know what to do with yourself at The Chocolate Bar. The made-from-scratch desserts are all positively sinful, including the Almond Butter Rainbow cake that is as beautiful as it is tasty. The dense almond pound cake comes with four colored layers (these can be changed from the standard version shown in the pic if you make a custom order), and then is covered in white frosting.

The Best Part: The Chocolate Bar also has an amazing selection of other cakes and goodies, along with delicious Intelligenisa coffee.

28. Nevada: Ice Cream At Icecycle Creamery In Reno

Have you ever had salted chocolate lavender ice cream? How about mango lime chile sorbet? No? Well then you need to head to Reno for Icecycle Creamery‘s unique and amazing offerings. The list of flavors will boggle your mind, but your mouth will be extremely happy when you just go ahead and try them.

The Best Part: You can get your ice cream at the shop or have it delivered by the shop’s human-powered delivery system (a super sweet bike).

29. New Hampshire: Popovers Famous Sundae At Popovers On The Square In Epping

This is all you need to know about the famous Popovers on the Square sundae: “Two generous scoops of gelato served in a warm popover, drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauces, topped with whipped cream, candied walnuts, and a cherry. Garnished with brûléed bananas.”

The Best Part: The regular size sundae is big enough for two or three people to share! You can also order a 1/2 portion, but come on.

30. New Jersey: Anything At The Flaky Tart In Atlantic Highlands

If you’re okay with having dessert for breakfast, then The Flaky Tart is your new BFF. Everything at this French-inspired bakery looks divine — from the croissants to the “monkey muffins” to the various tartes and cakes, you can’t go wrong. Just don’t be surprised if you end up buying more than you can chew in one sitting.

The Best Part: You can also order pastry platters for your next birthday or meeting or random Wednesday.

31. New Mexico: Birthday Cake At The Range Cafe In Albuquerque

Every day should be your birthday and the folks at The Range Cafe make it possible for you to have birthday cake every day too! Genius, right? It even comes complete with candles.

The Best Part: The restaurants other desserts are to die for — like Life By Chocolate cake, and Death By Lemon tart — and supposedly the key lime pie is the best around.

32. New York: Banana Pudding At Magnolia Bakery

Okay, so there could be a whole separate roundup of the best dessert on every block in New York City, but the top billing has to go to Magnolia Bakery‘s out-of-this-world banana pudding. It’s rich, yet fluffy, it’s sweet, but not too sweet, it’s just kind of perfect in every way. And now there’s a CHOCOLATE-banana version and life is pretty much complete.

The Best Part: You can also grab a delicious cupcake or other confection at this renowned bakery and have the best day ever.

33. North Carolina: Cakes At The Hayes Barton Cafe In Raleigh

The 1940s ambiance at the Hayes Barton Cafe makes for a lovely meal setting in Raleigh, but the real star is the delicious special cakes served at the establishment. It’s impossible to pick a favorite, so we suggest going with a group and getting a slice of each. Or just go by yourself when you’re really, really hungry. Either way.

The Best Part: If you’re not in the mood for pie, try their chicken picatta — it’s another favorite.

34. North Dakota: Donut Cakes At Bearscat Bakehouse In Bismarck And Mandan

Contrary to what you might think, “bearscat” is an old cowboy term for donuts. And now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the real point: You can get a donut CAKE at Bearscat Bakehouse. Yes, a donut the size of a cake that can easily feed a small army. They can be decorated however you want — so long as you remember there’s a big hole in the middle of the cake — and you can choose your filling and flavor of icing. Is there anything better than that?

The Best Part: Their regular donuts are fab too and come in imaginative flavors like Elvis (banana filled with PB icing, bacon, and chocolate drizzle), and Cocoa Samoa, to name a few.

35. Ohio:  Honey Vinegar Pie at O Pie O In Cincinnati

When you think pie, honey and vinegar probably aren’t the two ingredients that immediately come to mind. But, O Pie O makes these work in a pie that will have you drooling and coming back for more. It’s a bit like a custard pie and the hint of vinegar cuts the sweetness, as do the salt flakes on top, making it a fabulous carnival for your mouth.

The Best Part: You can buy a seasonal pie pocket for the road too! Or stay for a savory pot pie or empanada.


36. Oklahoma: Drunken Turtle Pie At Pie Junkie In Oklahoma City

If you head to Pie Junkie for a slice, you’ll probably end up leaving with an entire pie too — they’re just that good. The Drunken Turtle clearly has the best name on the menu, and you can’t go wrong with baked fudge pie complete with chopped pecans and salted bourbon caramel.

The Best Part: The bakery also sells other seasonal treats like pumpkin whoopie pies with cinnamon maple cream cheese frosting. Who can resist?

37. Oregon: Every Ice Cream At Salt & Straw In Portland

Salt & Straw ice cream is probably the best ice cream you’ll ever have. End of story. The only bad part is that five new flavors are introduced every month, so if you fall head-over-heels in love with White Toast & Apple Butter in September, you absolutely will not be able to have it again in October — unless you stock your freezer with pints before the end of the month. (It’s a thing.)

Despite any flavor heartache you may endure, there are always new flavors to look forward to, at least. All Salt & Straw flavors (even the “classics” that are available year-round) are created with locally sourced ingredients and somehow they can even make something called Bone Marrow & Smoked Cherries taste like the best thing you’ve had in ages.

The Best Part: You can join the Pints Club and get five seasonal flavors delivered to your door each month.

38. Pennsylvania: The Blood Of An Englishman At Cake And The Beanstalk In Philadelphia

“The Blood of an Englishman” is quite a mouthful when it comes to desserts, but when you get your strawberry pound cake, seasonal ice cream, whipped cream, and cherries, it will be well worth the effort. At Cake and the Beanstalk, locally made Franklin Ice Cream is used for the decadent desserts like this one and all bakery items are made in-house.

39. Rhode Island: Fruit Tarte At Pastiche Fine Desserts In Providence

At this time, Pastiche Fine Desserts has over 600 Yelp reviews (and a 4.5 star overall rating) and we bet that 2/3 of them mention the fruit tart. It’s that good. Even someone who traveled from Boston said they’d “cry” if they were out of fruit tart the day she went. The buttery shell is filled with vanilla custard and topped with fresh fruits and is sure to satisfy any of your sweets cravings — all while you pretend it’s “healthy.” It’s fruit, right?!

The Best Part: The bakery is open until 11:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights, so you can get your fix even when it’s late.

40. South Carolina: Ultimate Coconut Cake At The Peninsula Grill In Charleston

This cake at the Peninsula Grill has been around since 1997 and has appeared in everything from Martha Stewart Living to The New York Times to Vogue. Heck, “Ultimate Coconut Cake” is even trademarked! The iconic dessert, made up of fresh vanilla and coconut, weighs 12 pounds when it’s whole and is five inches high (it serves 16 people or 8 if your guests are really hungry).

The Best Part: It can even be shipped overnight to your door!

41. South Dakota: Tiramisu At CH Patisserie In Sioux Falls

The tiramisu is almost too beautiful to eat at CH Patisserie. Top Chef and World Pastry Championship winner Chris Hanmer opened this delightful bakery in 2013 and each item has its own sophisticated charm, beauty, and downright deliciousness. The tiramisu is definitely a show-stopper (and Instagram favorite), but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, from the macarons to the chocolate croissants.

The Best Part: CH Patisserie now ships their delectable macarons to 48 states, but you’ll have to make the journey to Sioux Falls for the other delicate pastries.

42. Tennessee: Banana Pudding At The Loveless Cafe In Nashville

It’ll be hard, but try to save some room for dessert when you go to The Loveless Cafe — instead of filling every crack with the fried chicken, meatloaf, and sides of mac and cheese and fried okra. You just can’t miss the Made-From-Scratch Real Banana Puddin’, which even includes wafers made right in the Loveless kitchen.

The Best Part: If you’re feeling indecisive (or full!) you can get the mini dessert sampler and still try the pudding…as well as the chess pie and fudge pie. Or perhaps the pecan pie.

43. Texas: Fried Milk At Uchi In Dallas

All of the desserts are works of art at Uchi, but the fact that this one is fried milk puts it ahead of the pretty pack. Made of chocolate milk, toasted milk, and iced milk sherbet, this confection will blow you away — after you’ve been wowed by the most beautiful sushi you’ve ever seen.

The Best Part: The Peanut Butter Semifreddo is totally doable too if you share.

44. Utah: Judy Cookies At Ruby Snap In Salt Lake City

There are cookies then there are Ruby Snap cookies — in particular the Judy, which is “velvety orange dough” topped with cream cheese frosting. Yes, that’s right: It’s a cookie with the absolute best kind of frosting on top. These treats will delight your senses and it’s basically a guarantee that you can’t eat just one.

The Best Part: ALL of the Ruby Snap cookies are incredible. Be sure to try the Margo (“chocolate cinnamon dough with a milk chocolate mint center”) and Tommy (“maple bacon chocolate chip with pure maple glaze and course sea salt”) while you’re at it.

45. Vermont: Almond Buttercrunch Cake At The Bakery At The Farmhouse Kitchen In Burlington

You can’t go wrong with anything maple in Vermont, especially when it comes to Almond Buttercrunch Cake at The Bakery at the Farmhouse Kitchen. This cake began as a family recipe and is now made in over 20 seasonal flavors, including Vermont maple syrup, which is luckily produced year-round. And, of course, most of the ingredients in said cake are locally sourced.

The Best Part: You’ll definitely want to try one of the other flavors, which include Sugar Pumpkin and Vermont Caramelized Cranberry in the fall.

46. Virginia: Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake At Shyndigz In Richmond

You could easily split a piece of the Salted Caramel Chocolate cake at Shyndigz with a friend or two, but you’re definitely not going to want to. This 100% from-scratch bakery produces the best desserts in the area but you better go early — they’re known to run out fast. The Salted Caramel Chocolate cake is especially decadent (“layers of rich chocolate cake with chocolate icing, shyndigz caramel sauce and fleur de sel sprinkled on top”) and worth every calorie.

The Best Part: If you’re not in the mood for cake, you can’t go wrong with the bread pudding.

47. Washington: Triple Coconut Cream Pie At Dahlia Bakery In Seattle

Here’s what you need to know about the famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie at Dahlia Bakery: coconut crust, shredded coconut cream filling, fresh whipped cream, toasted coconut, white chocolate shavings. Sounds like a coconut-filled dream, right? Well, it definitely is. This pie doesn’t fool around and neither should you — just order a whole one already.

The Best Part: You can go pick up a pie and eat it for breakfast or indulge in made-to-order Dahlia donuts or perhaps just grab a kalamata olive ciabatta — everything is fresh and delicious at Dahlia.

48. West Virginia: Humungous Banana Split From The Poky Dot

We’ve seen big banana splits, but nothing rivals the “humungous” mountain of ice cream in this sweet treat from The Poky Dot. It’s seriously massive. So what is it, exactly? It’s vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, topped with chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple sauce, with sprinkles, whipped cream, and a few cherries on top for good measure. Warning: You’ll probably want to bring a friend (or 5) to enjoy this with you.

The Best Part: If you’re not in the mood for 9 scoops of ice cream, The Poky Dot has plenty of other delicious dessert options, like Oreo cookie cake and apple dumplings.

49. Wisconsin: Frozen Custard At Leon’s Frozen Custard In Milwaukee

If you’ve never had frozen custard, you’re missing out, especially if you’ve never had it at Leon’s. The restaurant has been around since 1942 and serves up the Midwest favorite in staple flavors (vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan) each day, along with a special rotating flavor all year long. Yes, people even want Leon’s frozen custard during those cold, snowy months — it’s that good.

The Best Part: You can warm up with a delicious chili dog if it’s cold out.

50. Wyoming: Eskimo Bars At Snake River Grill In Jackson Hole

There are TONS of good reasons to travel to Jackson Hole, and Eskimo Bars from Snake River Grill should be high on that list. They’re frozen brownies, topped with ice cream, then dipped in chocolate then served frozen with a side of caramel dipping sauce. One word: YUM.

The Best Part: If that’s not enough decadence for ya, try ordering a 1/2 dozen warm French doughnuts to go with it. They’re served with house made Nutella chocolate.

Written by By Deena Bustillo for Livingly.