These ‘Bougie Bird’ turkey recipes use ingredients like caviar and lobster

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A classic turkey may be the star of the dinner table on Thanksgiving, but if you’re looking to change things up a bit this year, Reynolds Wrap has three brand new turkey recipes that are anything but traditional.

Their new “Bougie Birds” recipes include ingredients you wouldn’t commonly use on Thanksgiving to add what the brand says is a “touch of luxury” to the Thanksgiving meal. One features caviar, another is accented with truffles and gold and the final recipe offers a slightly different take on surf and turf.

Try the Creme de la Caviar Turkey, which takes 24 hours to brine and is topped with potato chips and crème fraîche. You’ll also need black caviar and chives, plus a few other ingredients like brown sugar, lemon and rosemary leaves for the brine.

turkey topped with caviar
Reynolds Wrap

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The 24K Truffle Turkey gets its luxurious feel from black truffle shavings and edible 24k gold flakes. It features some traditional ingredients such as onion, garlic, celery and herbs, but then gets kicked up a notch.

To make it, you’ll also need edible gold leaf and edible gold dust, plus truffle butter and balsamic vinegar.

turkey topped with truffles
Reynolds Wrap

The Luxe Lobster Turkey has seafood boil flavors like lemon, butter, garlic and ginger that marinate together. You’ll also need Kashmiri chili powder and a seafood seasoning such as Old Bay.

The turkey is served with steamed lobster and an herbed cornbread stuffing that you will need to make from scratch.

turkey stuffed with lobster
Reynolds Wrap

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While these recipes are certainly unique, this is not the first time Reynolds Wrap has put an attention-getting spin on the Thanksgiving turkey.

The brand also has recipes for a mac and cheese turkey plus a turkey inspired by hot dog flavors — and for the guests at your dinner table who love spicy food, a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey.

Butterball has offered up some twists on the turkey as well, including this recipe for a dill pickle-brined turkey. It calls for apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, pickling spices, black peppercorns and a few other ingredients.

Butterball Dill Pickle Brined Turkey

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Will you be trying out a new turkey recipe this Thanksgiving?