These Low-Carb Coconut Wraps Are Made With Just 3 Ingredients


The search for low-carb lunch options that will keep you feeling full until dinner can feel never-ending. But these low-carb coconut wraps might mean you can keep packing that favorite go-to sandwich after all.

Nuco Coconut Wraps are made with just three ingredients and contain only 70 calories and 4 grams of carbs per wrap. In other words, coconut meat, coconut water and unrefined virgin coconut oil have come together to form an alternative to tortillas and bread that is sure to make eating a filling and low-carb meal much less of a challenge. (However, if you’re watching your saturated fat intake, note that these wraps contain 4.5 grams of saturated fat per serving.)

The wraps come in four different flavors: original, cinnamon, turmeric and moringa. So, whether you’re making a snack that’s savory or sweet, these wraps will come in handy.

You can buy these straight from the Nuco website, where a pack of five costs $7.99, or find them on Amazon in packs of five, 10 and 50.


Based on the reviews from people who have tried them, these do have a slight coconut flavor, but with the right ingredients, that can be a real game-changer come mealtime.

“You can taste the coconut flavor, so select your ingredients wisely. I used them with ham and a pineapple, red pepper & cream cheese spread and scrambled eggs and peppers, all with great success,” one review on Amazon reads.

Another reviewer pointed out that they work well with savory ingredients as a filling:

“So far I have used them to make breakfast burritos (eggs, spinach & sausage once and eggs, bacon & hot sauce once) and they do have a slight coconut flavor but with very flavorful savory ingredients it didn’t bother me at all.”

The Nuco Coconut YouTube channel has plenty of recipe inspiration — including for when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, which you could do with this recipe for cinnamon fruit wraps:

There’s also this recipe for chicken tacos that will make a great lunch or dinner option:

If you are hoping to rule out bread from your diet, there are more low-carb sandwich and wrap options out there, too, such as these cauliflower sandwich thins and wraps made from cheese.

Here’s to tastier low-carb meals from here on!

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