This Artist Turned An Old RV Into A Swimming Pool—And We Want One

The internet is full of interesting stories of people who’ve transformed an RV into something else, like a roving tiny home or a food truck. But one French artist has transformed an RV into something truly unexpected and much-needed during the hot summer months — a pool on wheels:

Like Barbie’s pool camper, Benedetto Bufalino’s RV pool is relatively small, but we doubt anyone who has a chance to try this mobile pool would ever complain. He reportedly constructed it by taking every piece of the RV apart and then retrofitting the vehicle’s body to be able to hold pool water. He also added a ladder to help swimmers get in and out of the RV-turned-pool.

The pool on wheels is hardly the artist’s first foray into this kind of artwork. Bufalino has spent his career turning everyday objects like RVs into unique works of art, challenging our perception of them in the process. In recent years, he has turned a stretch limo into a park bench, a police car into a chicken coop and, in the following photo, a construction excavator into an aquarium:

He also turned an old car into a pizza oven:

Alas, for anyone daydreaming about renting or even buying an RV-converted pool and taking it on the road to a camping trip, the artist has not disclosed any plans to mass produce his work.

That’s a shame, because how much better would outdoor music festivals like Coachella be if you could take a quick dip in a pool in between sets, like this:

Until someone is able to turn Bufalino’s artistic vision into a consumer product that we can buy, we’ll have to make do with community pools — or making your own DIY pool out of pallets. With inspiration from Bufalino, who knows what you’ll create!