This hummingbird feeder has a camera and is on sale at Walmart

A hummingbird feeder

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Attention, bird lovers: You can save over $50 on a smart hummingbird feeder at Walmart right now. Yes, it even includes a camera!

The discount comes just in time for spring bird-watching so grab some nectar and get ready for your backyard to be on the top of every hummingbird’s bucket list.

Humbirdy Hummingbird Feeder Camera

$148 (was $199) at Walmart $199 at Amazon

The Soliom Pro BF10 Smart Hummingbird Feeder will make your backyard a hummingbird hotspot thanks to its flower-shaped feeding ports. The PBA-free plastic is safe to put in the dishwasher, so you can be sure that your hummingbirds have access to fresh nectar and clean, comfortable feeding surfaces. The unique patented design also keeps insects bees at bay, so you will offer birds a buffet, and not bees. The 16-oz feeder also features a built-in ‘ant moat’ so even the most adventuresome ants won’t be able to climb their way to the sweet liquid within.

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Best of all, this Soliom hummingbird feeder will get you up close and personal with your feathered friends. The wireless camera is easy to assemble and install, and it features the ability for live streaming as well as recording.

Want to see the Soliom Pro BF10 Hummingbird Feeder in action? You can see (and hear) a clip of a happy hummingbird having a nosh in this video on YouTube. Note the sharp picture quality and the lovely audio capabilities:

You can also download and save selected video footage, making it easy to share your hummingbird happenings with friends and family.

The camera boasts advanced AI recognition, meaning that you use the app to help you identify what species of bird visits your feeder. The feeder promises the ability to identify up to 95% of hummingbird species. It makes a perfect gift for bird lovers of all ages, whether you gift to an elderly loved one who isn’t able to spend as much time in the garden as she would like, or a kid working on a school project about backyard birds.

Bird-watching can be good for your mental health, with one study finding that seeing or hearing birds can have a lasting positive impact on your mood up to 8 hours later. With this hummingbird feeder, you can have 24/7 access to that mental health boost. It offers real-time alerts for when a hummingbird arrives at the feeder, so you will never miss a flutter of wings or a chirping of tail feathers.

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