This Smart Planter Can Tell You Exactly What Your Plant Needs

Have you ever looked in the mirror in the middle of the night and thought you looked like a vampire? Now your plant will let you know when it feels like one, too.

Lua, the smart planter with feelings, lets you know when it hasn’t had enough sunlight by showing fangs on its “face.” This cute little smart planter is designed to communicate what your plant needs using digital animations. You’ll never have to guess!

Lua isn’t currently available for sale, but you can preorder this planter for $113 via the Indiegogo campaign page.


The smart planter will give the appearance of sweating when it is overexposed to the sun and feeling hot.


Lua doesn’t stop there! The smart planter can even sense when it will rain.


It also lets you know when it is in need of watering by giving a thirsty appearance and has a sick face when it has had too much water.


Lua turns your plant into a virtual pet. It features 15 animations in all, with many dedicated to the health of the plant. Other face animations give you information or can provide entertainment — Lua tells you if it’s grumpy, tired or happy.

The smart planter even detects movement and follows it with its eyes (a warning for your pet!).


Owners will be able to enter information, such as plant type, into an app so Lua knows what kind of care it needs. This will determine how it alerts you to its need for sunlight and water.

The planter comes with a saucer to prevent drainage from spilling onto surfaces.


Why the name Lua? “All known living organisms on earth share a common ancestor. It is referred to as LUA or LUCA, for Last Universal Ancestor. Lua is the ancestor of plants and animals,” the website says.

The planter, which was designed by a team of engineers in Luxembourg, was initially supposed to ship in December 2019. But it’s since received some design upgrades, which you can track on the Indiegogo page. These include Bluetooth configuration, new animations, reactions to the weather and more.

Here’s a video of Lua, as posted to the Indiegogo campaign site:

Those who purchase a Lua will get to pick one of four possible planter colors at the end of the campaign.

Sounds like a great idea for people with brown thumbs. What a great way to give a plant some personality!