This Swimmer Warmed Up For A Race By Dancing Like Beyoncé—And The Internet Can’t Handle It

There’s no better way to get yourself pumped up than by listening to Beyoncé, but University of Alabama swimmer Christian Strycker took it a step further than that. He not only jammed to Bey while getting prepared for his race — he nailed the choreography to Beyoncé’s performance of “Everybody Mad” at Coachella, too. So, how’s that for a warm up?

Thankfully, Strycker’s moves were caught on video, because this dance is too good not to see. The video was posted to Twitter and has gotten nearly 600,000 views:

He captioned the tweet, “always reppin @Beyonce’s coachella masterpiece no matter the place.” There’s no better time than a swim meet to show off your skills, after all. Talk about an intimidation factor!

Just for comparison, here’s the singer herself performing the moves on stage at Coachella:

And just in case you needed more proof that he nailed it, here’s a side-by-side version that was posted to Twitter as well:

Impressive, huh? People online sure thought so!

The U.S. Olympic Team thinks this is a great way to warm up for the weekend:

Celebrities such as Kathy Griffin couldn’t help but notice Strycker’s talent. “Werk it!” Griffin wrote on Twitter:

Chelsea Clinton took notice of the dance moves, too, writing, “Thank you Christian for the spot of brightness & joy today” on Twitter:

And sports anchor Coy Wire sent Strycker one encouraging word: “Slay”:

Oh, he slays, all right!

While this is the first time Strycker has warmed up by dancing to Yoncé, it might not be the last — especially considering how much people online and his teammates seem to love it.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, the swimmer said that his teammates are “totally support[ive] [of his dance moves]” and they “get hype from it.” We can only imagine!

He also described himself as the  “the biggest Beyoncé fan,” but besides that, he chose to use her dance moves as a warm up because it’s a great way to “get the adrenaline going.”

According to BuzzFeed, Strycker finished sixth overall in the race and finished with a season-best time. So, did his warm-up technique work? We’d say so.

Though he loves to swim, Strycker hopes his moves secure him a spot as a back-up dancer to Beyoncé.

“Beyoncé, I am looking for a summer job, or even a life-long job, and was wondering if you’re hiring. I’m cute and sassy. DM me,” he wrote on Twitter:

Beyoncé, may you hear his plea!

We’re hoping his dreams of dancing with the singer come true, but regardless, Strycker can consider us fans.