Thomas’ is releasing new mini chocolate croissants


If you like a little something sweet with your morning coffee, Thomas’ newest bakery item is sure to hit the spot.

New Thomas’ Chocolatey Mini Croissants are croissants filled with chocolate chips for a balance between soft and chewy. Unlike other croissants, they are flakeless, so you can take them on the go without worrying about making a mess in your car — or all over your clothes.

The new breakfast treat is available at grocery stores nationwide now, including Target, where you can buy a package for $3.49. Each 9-ounce package comes with 15 mini croissants that can be enjoyed right from the bag or warmed up in the microwave.


The new croissants are just one of a handful of breakfast treats from Thomas’, including new limited-edition “Everything” flavor English muffins. The new Engish muffins are sweet and salty with “everything” seasoning, so they would pair well with cream cheese and butter. They would also be great for an egg sandwich.

Thomas’ has also had other limited edition flavors, including cinnamon bun and s’mores, but neither are available any longer. They do have cinnamon and cinnamon raisin-flavored muffins, however, plus pumpkin spice and blueberry. You’ll also find a variety of bagel flavors from the brand, including apple cinnamon, onion and sesame. Additionally, the brand offers a handful of breads, like cinnamon raisin and banana.


If you’re simply a fan of croissants, however, DiGiorno now has a pizza with crust made from the pastry. The pizza comes in a “squaround” shape and features multiple layers of light, flaky and buttery crust. You’ll find it in the freezer section of grocery stores nationwide in Four Cheese, Pepperoni and Three Meat (sausage, pepperoni and beef).

If you’d rather make your own croissants, you may be surprised to find out just how versatile croissant dough is. You can use it for everything from dessert to dinner, like with this recipe for Bacon Cheeseburgers in a Blanket.

Of course, they also make a great breakfast treat, whether you simply add butter or upgrade your croissant with these recipes that make a Blueberry Croissant Puff or a Pineapple Cream Cheese Danish. You can also make a croissant-waffle hybrid that uses puff pastry dough in a waffle maker. Spread chocolate or Nutella in the middle for some extra sweetness.


Do you have a favorite croissant recipe?

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