You Can Now Buy Pumpkin Spice-Scented Eye Shadow And Lip Gloss

If you can’t get enough of that wonderful pumpkin spice smell from your lattes, candles, and a somewhat ridiculous amount of foods (I mean, cough drops, really?!), worry no more. Now you can put a pumpkin spice scent on your face and smell it all day long. Nope, it’s not a face wash or moisturizer (although I could totally get behind that!) — it’s pumpkin spice-scented makeup.

That’s right: pumpkin spice-scented eyeshadow officially exists to make sure even your eyelids know it’s fall.


These pumpkin spice beauty products are from the makeup brand Too Faced and are available on the Home Shopping Network. Although the retail value is $103, and HSN’s price is $70, the pumpkin spice kit is currently available for $49.

The collection includes 16 new pumpkin spice-scented matte and shimmer eyeshadow shades, pumpkin spice-scented lip gloss, mascara and eyeshadow brush. Only the eyeshadows and lip gloss have the pumpkin-spice scent, but the mascara and brush are included to complete your fall look. Eyeshadow shades include Blushing Pumpkins, Oh My Gourd!, Pretty as a Pumpkin and 13 other pretty adorable fall-like names.

Home Shopping Network

Are you already over pumpkin spice season and ready for other holiday smells? Too Faced also has a (sold out) gingerbread-scented eyeshadow palette, as well as a chocolate-scented eyeshadow palette. Hmm, is anyone else hungry right now?

Will you be ordering some pumpkin spice makeup just in time for fall?