Here Are Some Of The Over-The-Top Features On The World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas cruise ship is officially the largest cruise ship ever built.

Given that designation, expectations are pretty high that the ship, which Thrillist aptly referred to as “more floating resort city than marine vessel,” will surprise and delight. Whether you consider yourself a cruise person or prefer to stay on dry land, you’ll probably want to book a trip on the Harmony after reading about some of its over-the-top features.

1. It’s massive.

At 1,188 feet long, the Harmony is equivalent to the size of four football fields. The ship holds 6,780 guests and has a crew of 2,100.

Royal Caribbean

2. “Central Park” features 12,000 trees and plants.

The boat offers seven different “neighborhoods,” from a kids zone to a spa section. “Central Park” runs down the center of the ship, is flanked by restaurants offering outdoor cafe-style seating, and boasts 12,000 trees and plants.

Royal Caribbean

3. The “Boardwalk” feels like the real thing.

From a merry-go-round to an arcade to grilled hotdogs, chances are this “neighborhood” will make you forget that you’re on a boat.

Royal Caribbean

4. Four big slides.

You may have been on ships that have a water slide. The Harmony of the Seas offers three big waterslides, plus the 10-story “Ultimate Abyss” slide, which will keep your stomach flipping for a solid 17 seconds.

[youtube id=”cvajQkIUNzI”]

5. Interior staterooms have “virtual balconies.”

Royal Caribbean added screens to interior staterooms that project a live feed of the outside view from the ship. The result is, I imagine, so much less claustrophobia. Typical interior staterooms can be downright depressing.

Royal Caribbean

6. There’s a robotic bar.

Order your drink from an iPad in the Bionic Bar, and a robot will get to work mixing it for you.

Royal Caribbean

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