Trader Joe’s is selling kale gnocchi so you can sneak some extra veggies into Italian night

If you stop by our site often, you know we love Trader Joe’s always-creative food options — particularly when it comes to their healthier foods. It isn’t always easy to get in those vegetable servings, especially when it comes to our kids. So leave it to Trader Joe’s to take a family favorite like Italian night and put a clever, yet healthy twist to the menu with its Kale Gnocchi.

The new Kale Gnocchi is the latest plant-based pasta product to join the Trader Joe family — which already includes cauliflower gnocchi and sweet potato gnocchi — and photos of the newest gnocchi are popping up all over social media.

One Instagram user, @thsnacksoflife, shared a snapshot of a bag and poked a little fun at the kale craze that has been going strong for (in this person’s opinion) maybe a bit too long. “So 2020 it hurts,” reads the caption.

Kale soared into the dieting spotlight because it’s a vegetable with a high protein concentration. You get 3 grams of protein for every cup of kale you eat. This makes the cruciferous vegetable an ideal addition for those vegans and vegetarians looking to boost their protein consumption.

A frequent issue about kale, though, is its bitter taste and its soggy texture when cooked into a dish. So how does Trader Joe’s Kale Gnocchi tackle these culinary challenges?

Instagram user @fitlicia shared her experience in trying the new kale gnocchi and offered some expert tips on how to get the best texture and taste out of the product.

“IGNORE the cooking instructions on the back,” she posted. “What I’ve found is that for crispy, fresh gnocchi, there are two ways that work best to get these results: 1. AIR FRYER!! – throw those babies 👶🏻 in for 10 min at 400 F,  2a. Microwave for 1 min to defrost, 2b. Dab excess moisture with paper towel, 2c. Heat ghee/ avocado oil on pan and 2d. Throw in gnocchi and fry on each side until browned and crispy.”

She also said she preferred the kale gnocchi over the cauliflower version and suggested using them in dishes like egg and veggie scrambles. She even suggested cinnamon-sprinkled gnocchi for dessert.

Why not? If it tastes good and it’s healthier, we’re all for giving it a try!

What’s your favorite way to dish up kale?