Vlasic is teaming with Frank’s RedHot for a spicy new pickle product

two jars of vlasic kosher dill pickles with frank's red hot sauce on black background

Vlasic is introducing a new snack that combines two foods people can’t seem to get enough of: pickles and hot sauce.

New Vlasic Frank’s RedHot Kosher Dill Pickles combine Vlasic’s garlicky dill pickles with Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce. Made with a blend of aged cayenne peppers and Frank’s RedHot in the brine, the new pickles come in spears, chips and wholes, so you can serve them alongside a meal, use them to top sandwiches or burgers or just eat them alone as a snack.

You’ll find the pickles in stores nationwide now for between $3.49 ( for chips and spears) and $3.79 (for whole pickles). The whole pickles come in a 16-ounce jar, while the chips and spears are available in 24-ounce jars.

jar of vlasic kosher dill pickles with frank's red hot sauce on black background

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While this is the first time Vlasic Pickles have been flavored with Frank’s RedHot, Mt. Olive has a pickle salsa, which has been in stores since 2021 and comes in either mild, medium or hot.

Frank’s RedHot also already has a pickle-flavored hot sauce that combines their hot sauce with the flavor of dill pickles and is meant to be enjoyed on anything you’d put hot sauce on, like burgers, fried foods and even pizza.

bottle of Frank's RedHot Dill Pickle Hot Sauce sitting on top of a pile of pickles
Frank's RedHot

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Frank’s has also teamed up with Campbell’s for spicy SpaghettiOs and Pepperidge Farm for Goldfish crackers and Dunkin’ even made a spicy jelly doughnut topped with the sauce. The doughnut was available in two locations for one day only, but featured apple- and raspberry-flavored jelly with Frank’s RedHot drizzled on top of white icing.

Other spicy foods in stores now include Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle Soup, which required spice lovers to sign a waiver to get their hands on when it first debuted.

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