This Restaurant Makes Vodka-Infused Pizza And It Actually Sounds Delicious

There’s nothing quite like a slice of greasy pizza after a night of drinking. And while it’s probably not the best idea to add not-so-healthy food to your system when it’s already filled with alcohol, junk food is often a go-to in that situation.

Now, a restaurant in Philadelphia is blending alcohol and pizza together in what can only be described as a boozy, cheesy circle of dreams. Scarpetta Philadelphia created a vodka pizza which, contrary to how it may sound, is not what is made when you pour Grey Goose onto a slice of Domino’s. (Ew!) Instead, according to Philly Voice, the vodka is mixed into the dough … and the cheese … oh, and the sauce, too.

Is it more pizza or vodka, you ask? Who knows. But does it really matter? The answer is no, it does not.

While you might not get an actual buzz from eating a slice of Scarpetta’s vodka pizza, you do have to be at least 21 years old to order it. And the restaurant has plenty of cocktails on its menu, too, so you can totally drink vodka while you eat it. No judgment here!

And the unique culinary creation supports another Philadelphia business. According to the restaurant’s Instagram page, the pizza is made using vodka from Stateside Urbancraft Vodka, a local distillery.

Don’t live in Philly? No problem! You can make your own vodka pizza—just be sure to start preparing your meal before drinking any of the aforementioned spirit, because it’s a bit complicated.

The recipe comes from Rachael Ray and is all from scratch. So, yes, you’ll be making everything, including the dough.

Along with an entire cup of vodka added to the sauce, you’ll also need onions, cream, butter, cheese and various spices, along with yeast and other ingredients for the dough. A bit more work than, say, throwing a frozen pizza in the oven—but hey, those don’t have any “special” ingredients!

Perhaps one day a genius will just take away all the extra work and make a pizza-flavored vodka! Until then, I’ll have to stick with rosé-flavored and pickle-flavored vodkas.

What do you think of vodka-infused pizza? Would you give it a try?