‘We-Sheds’ Combine Man Caves And She-Sheds In One Charming Structure

You may have heard of the “man cave,” or a special room in the house (or garage) that a man can have completely to himself. Similarly, women have created their own version called “she-sheds.” These private spaces allow both men and women to relax and unwind in peace, like going on a retreat on your very own property.

Now there’s a way to combine both man caves and she-sheds into one structure: the “we-shed.” 

The we-shed consists of two individual sheds — a she-shed and a he-shed — joined together by a deck. Each person can use their individual sheds to enjoy some solo time, and then they can come together in the middle for a cute picnic, or even knock on one another’s doors for a quick visit.

Portable Buildings of Greater Houston

This design was originally created by a Houston-based building company called Portable Buildings of Greater Houston for one innovative client. However, if you’re outside of their service area, any local shed company should be able to create something similar, and you can customize the layout to your own liking. Here’s a different style of we-shed from the same company!

With the growing popularity of both she-sheds and man caves, the we-shed is definitely a fun way to combine the two. Each person can decorate the interior of their shed however they please, and the internet is full of fun ideas. Instagram user @lovely.cuppa.tea added a craft area to her she-shed.


Others keep their she-sheds minimal and clean, with antique touches, like user @agraceful_life. Some even use their she-shed for art, gardening or meditation.


As for he-sheds, those can go in so many different directions. Fill it with games, hardware or sports gear, or just turn it into a cozy lounge area.

The whole point of she-sheds and man caves is to completely personalize the space into your own, so this is one chance to really let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are truly endless, and you’ll never have to crave solitude again.