We tried the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow coffee subscription service

Dario Ortega

If there’s one thing Rori and Lorelai understand—it’s coffee. That’s why coffee company Boca Java created a very special subscription service inspired by the “Gilmore Girls.” I was lucky enough to try out the coffees from their Stars Hollow Coffee Club and tour the facility where they make the stuff—and trust me—this coffee would surely do the mother-and-daughter duo proud.

The pair has expressed their love for a cup of joe on more than one occasion. They’ve even been quoted saying they’d take their caffeine directly from an IV, and that’s part of the reason why it’s so easy to connect with these two on-screen. Because who doesn’t totally relate to that?

Dario Ortega

During my tour of the Boca Java roasting facility, Josh Bultz, vice president of e-commerce and business development, and Justin Bergson, director of digital marketing, explained how they first got the idea to tap into the “Gilmore Girls” coffee market after teaming up with a separate subscription service—the Stars Hollow Monthly Subscription Service available through Lit-Cube, which provides a range of products for fans of the hit TV show.

Dario Ortega

The Stars Hollow Monthly Subscription Service is a box that comes packed with “Gilmore Girls”-inspired goodies, including the “Gilmore Girls” coffee flavors. Boca Java provides the coffee for those monthly boxes.


But after seeing success, Boca Java branched out on their own, making the coffee available for a separate subscription via their website. Boca Java really seems to have tapped into something incredible here because a coffee subscription service really seems like a match made in heaven for both “Gilmore Girls” enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike.

To put it as Bergson did, combining “Gilmore Girls” and coffee “makes all the sense in the world.” And I couldn’t agree more.

How Does The Stars Hollow Coffee Club Work?

When you go to the Stars Hollow Subscription Service on the Boca Java website, you’ll be greeted with six different coffees that the Gilmores would love. There’s everything from the Stars Hollow Winter Festival, which has chocolate mint flavoring, to Mrs. Kim-Approved Dark Roast, with the smoky flavor of a French Roast.

You can choose to have the coffee sent to you every two, three weeks or four weeks, depending on how rapidly you consume your caffeine.

If you’d rather just order a la carte, each coffee retails for $7.99 for 8-ounce bags.

What Are The Flavors Like?

OK, so now it’s time for the good stuff! Let’s talk flavor.

Luke’s No-Nonsense Special

On the website, this is described as “a medium roast coffee blend with a full-body, citrus fruit and honey notes, sparkling acidity, a clean finish.” The sweetness in this blend definitely comes through, and it’s one of my personal favorites. It’s just what you’d expect from Luke—nothing fancy, just good, simple coffee.

Boca Java

Mrs. Kim-Approved Dark Roast

The website describes this as “a big-bodied coffee that’s intensely bold and flavorful,” and that’s completely accurate. If you’re a fan of French roast, you’re going to love this stuff.

Boca Java

Sookie’s Gourmet Blend

“This gourmet coffee combines the fabulous flavors of vanilla, caramel and Kahlua,” the Boca Java site states. If you enjoy a super-sweet flavored coffee (like I do), then this is the java for you. It tastes amazing and the scent is even better.

Boca Java

Taylor Doose’s Town Meeting

If you don’t want over-the-top sweetness, this option offers “gourmet flavored coffee that’s smooth and creamy with just the right amount of toasted hazelnut.” And let me just say—this took the top slot on my favorites list! It wasn’t too sweet—it was juuust right.

Boca Java


Stars Hollow Autumn Festival

Everyone loves a pumpkin spice latte, right? If you’d like to evoke the feeling of fall all year long, then sign up to receive this stuff every few weeks. As you brew it, it’ll smell like you’ve got pumpkin pie in the oven! Yum!

Boca Java

Stars Hollow Winter Festival

Chocolate, mint and coffee combine perfectly in this winter festival-inspired java. According to the website, this is “inspired by the Stars Hollow Winter Carnival, is a blend of rich and creamy chocolate with a sweet and exhilarating mint flavor.” It’s like winter in a cup.

Boca Java

Tips For Keeping Your “Gilmore Girls” Coffee Fresh

The Boca Java coffee is made-to-order, so it arrives to your door just days after being roasted and is therefore very fresh. Thanks to the unique packaging, the coffee is able to stay sealed and dry. According to Bultz and Bergson, the best way to keep your coffee fresh is to store it in a dark, dry place. So, their airtight bags make it easy to keep your coffee fresher for longer.

Dario Ortega

New Flavors On The Horizon

There’s even more exciting news for this brand. A seventh “Gilmore Girls” coffee is on the way! The company posted to Facebook asking fans what flavor they’d like to see next, and a lot of folks voted for snickerdoodle—so, that’s exactly what you can expect to see next.

“Oy, With The Snickerpoodles Already” will be the next coffee to join the line. The snickerdoodle cookie flavor will surely be incredible, so you’re going to want to get your hands on it as soon as it launches on the Boca Java website at the end of August.

More From Boca Java

If you try all of the “Gilmore Girls” flavors and love them, you may be interested in looking into other coffees from Boca Java because this company has a whole lot to offer a caffeine addict. They have over 50 coffees available online and offer other subscription services as well.

While they do offer something for “Gilmore Girls” fans to love, they’re in the business of making delicious coffee.

Dario Ortega

“Our whole thing is super fresh, ultra awesome coffee, roasted right before you get it,” Bultz said.

And that’s exactly what this company delivers—and the fact that some of the flavors are inspired by your favorite TV show only makes it better.


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