You Will Finally Be Able To Delete The Stocks App On Your IPhone

If your iPhone is short on space, and you’re not a fan of many of the applications that come with your cell phone, you’re finally in luck.

This week, Apple announced iOS10, the biggest update to its mobile operating system to date. When iOS10 is released in the fall, users will now be able to remove default apps from their iPhone, including Stocks, Calendar, Contacts, iBooks, iCloud Drive, Mail and more. This is the first time this option is available for iPhone users, so you’ll no longer have to shove all your unwanted apps into a “Things I Don’t Use Folder.”

In addition to allowing a more customizable iPhone, iOS10 comes with a number of changes. Here are some highlights:

1. Siri Will Be Incorporated Into Other Apps

Siri will be available in many third-party apps, allowing you to give direction within applications like WhatsApp.

2. Third-Party Apps Can Also Now Be Integrated Into Messages

Messages will know include “rich media,” which means you can view that YouTube link your friend sent you directly in your iMessages.

3. A More Interactive Lock Screen

The lock screen will be more informative and interactive, and you can get more info or respond from the lock screen using 3D Touch.

4. Advanced Emojis

Emojis will now show up three times larger, and text prediction will include emojis as well. The size of your text bubble will also be adjustable to account for tone.

5. Ability To Search In Photos

The Photos app will now have face and object recognition, which means you can type in “flower” and search for photos that contain images with flowers. It will also be organized by person, date and place.