Woman’s Funny I ‘Dropped 200 Pounds’ Breakup Photo Is Going Viral


Breakups are usually met with sympathy, not internet fame.

However, Twitter user Mandy_Rose99, whose name is Miranda, posted a photo about her recent breakup, and it’s going viral because of how she handled herself. Knowing your worth is a powerful thing, and the internet’s reaction to her tweet only proves it.

Based on the tweet, Miranda’s partner called her “disgusting,” and she decided to do something about it. She decided to lose some weight. Now, we’d never suggest a woman change her body to make someone happy—but in this case, we’ll make an exception.

The tweet she posted read, “after getting called disgusting last night, i [sic] successfully dropped 200lbs!!! (before and after pics).”

Along with her caption, the before-and-after photos show her posing with her date as the “before” picture and the “after” is a cropped version of the photo without her date. So, now you see how she “successfully dropped 200lbs.”

As of Nov. 16, it looks like Miranda has since deleted the tweet.

There aren’t many details on what exactly went down, but if this is what it appears to be—a woman standing up for herself and her happiness—we couldn’t support this “weight loss” more.

Many people online seem to agree. “Best weight loss story ever,” one person commented.


Others are offering a virtual equivalent of a round of applause:


Sharing personal breakup information online may not always be the best move. Nevertheless, it’s empowering for this young woman to show how she doesn’t need this guy, whoever he is.

Unfortunately, how well people are treated by their partners isn’t always a factor when considering whether or not to leave an unhappy relationship.

After conducting two separate studies, researchers found that the “sunk cost fallacy” or the idea that “a prior investment in one option leads to a continuous investment in that option, despite not being the best decision” is how many people wind up staying in unhealthy and unhappy relationships.

“Together, both experiments confirmed the initial hypothesis that investments in terms of time, effort, and money make individuals more prone to stay and invest in a relationship in which they are unhappy,” the authors wrote, as quoted by New York magazine.

So, if Miranda’s breakup photo going viral can help other women know their worth and show there is value in starting over again, we’re all for it.

Another Funny Post-Breakup Tweet

Miranda’s story reminds us of the teen who decided to Photoshop Ryan Reynolds into her prom picture in place of her ex-boyfriend who’d broken up with her two days after the dance.

For a Canadian teen named Gabi Dunn, attending prom with her boyfriend of four months was a great experience. Her dress, hair and makeup were flawless, and the couple posed for the traditional prom photo opp on the big night, both looking happy and stylish. The photos took on a different feel, though, when Dunn’s boyfriend broke up with her two days after the event.

Luckily, Dunn had an idea for preserving her prom photos without letting them become a constant reminder of a bad breakup. She used a little Photoshop magic to replace her ex-boyfriend with her ideal prom date.

“I didn’t want to waste my prom photos, so I just Photoshopped Ryan Reynolds in,” Dunn told Yahoo Style. “I kind of have a huge love for Ryan Reynolds. Who could be a better prom date than him?”

Ryan Reynolds saw the pictures, and took the time to weigh in with a tip for taking this post-breakup Photoshopping to the next level.

Not only did Reynolds propose editing Dunn’s ex out of the yearbook, he created a new hashtag, #DontMessWithGabi.

Unfortunately, Dunn’s ex, Jeff Bright, didn’t get the memo, and decided to enter the fray with a response to Reynolds.

Bright posted the original, unedited prom photo and told Reynolds that he was now going to skip seeing Deadpool 2, depriving Reynolds of an $11 payday.

We’re still awaiting word on whether Reynolds will have to declare bankruptcy due to Bright’s boycott.


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