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Women Are Celebrating Their Bodies With This Movement Focused On ‘thighbrows’

So, what is a thighbrow?

There really is a name for everything. Thigh gaps. Wings. Muffin tops. And recently, a lesser known term gained greater visibility thanks to a mention by supermodels Ashley Graham and Tyra Banks on “America’s Next Top Model.” The term? Thighbrow.

A what now? A thighbrow is apparently what happens when your skin curves right at the top of the thighs. You get a much more defined “thighbrow” by leaning forward, sitting or kneeling. And while terms like this are often created to mock what people often think of as their “problem” areas, women everywhere are instead embracing them

Here’s everything you need to know about the thigh brow.

It’s Real, Because Tyra Says So

“Thighbrow” is not a new term, but Graham and Banks got the leg-related terminology trending during a recent episode of “America’s Next Top Model.” Like many people, Tyra Banks herself needed a demo when Graham used the phrase “thighbrow” during a model’s critique (in a positive way).

And then Graham got #ThighBrow trending when she posted, “We have full definition…”

We have a full definition of #ThighBrow on @antmvh1 tonight👅

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It’s Totally Natural

The thighbrow is nothing more than a roll of flesh over the thighs. While it sounds like something you might attempt to sculpt at the gym, women of all shapes and sizes seem to be flaunting “the brow” with confidence. As Instagram user @audrajonesy writes, #everybodyisabeachbody:

Meanwhile, Instagram user @sassyredlipstick points out that the best way to spend a Saturday is in a swimsuit:

And Instagram user @ellenpope even sees that “thighbrow” as a sign she’s doing something right when working out:

But None Of These Labels Actually Matter

Aside from the thighbrow movement, we’ve previously seen people sharing their “mermaid thighs” on social media. Mermaid thighs are what one has when their thighs touch.

The terminology is likely a push-back against the glorification of the thigh gap, that space some women have between their thighs. The thigh gap is unattainable for many people due to basic biology, which is part of why people’s elevation of it as a top body goal is so ridiculous.

If you want to celebrate those mermaid thighs, though, we won’t stop you. Instagram user @xxallbodieswelcomexx writes that, “My thunder thighs ain’t never gonna change! Not for society, not for some crazy beauty ideal we have created, not for anyone!”

#selflovebootcamp Day 9! . #mermaidthighs fo lyfe! . Let's just say a thigh gap is not on my "bucket list". (Nothing wrong if you naturally have one!) . Thigh gaps happen for some people and not for others. No matter how much weight you lose or how hard you work in the gym you can't force yourself into having one if your hips aren't meant to be that way and you shouldn't try anyway! . My thunder thighs ain't never gonna change! Not for society, not for some crazy beauty ideal we have created, not for anyone! And not even if I wanted them to. They love each other and that's ok. #embrace 🌻 🌻 🌻 #selflove #bodylove #bodylove4all #loveyourself #love #selfloveisthebestlove #allbodiesaregoodbodies  #nowrongwaytohaveabody #nowrongwaytobeawoman  #effyourbeautystandards #beyourownkindofbeautiful #confidence #lovetheskinyourin #perfectlyimperfect #eliminategirlhate #eliminatebodyhate #acceptance #bodyacceptance #iamenough #ihaveembraced #progressnotperfection #spreadthelove #stopthehate #fuckdietculture  #dietcultutedropout #bethechange #inspireothers

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Still, You Can And Should Embrace The Thighbrow

As with mermaid thighs, the thighbrow isn’t something to hide. No body is something to hide. Instead, we should be focusing on everything we love. As Instagram user @lil.burks writes, “If the thigh brow was the trend when I was a high school girl, I would have saved myself a swimming pool of tears. … Don’t change your body to fit a trend. Love your body through all of the trends.”

Wise words. Are you ready to embrace your thighbrows?