Women on social media are posting pics of their wedding dress parties

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If you’re married, it’s likely that the outfit you wore on your wedding day is the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever own. The average price of a wedding dress in the U.S. is $1,574. And yet, after wearing it just one time, most wedding apparel is put away in storage, never to be seen or worn again.

However, a new trend is changing that. “Wedding dress parties” have begun popping up on social media, giving women and their friends a reason to take their wedding gowns out of storage and wear them again. Why?

Here, Instagram user @flutist_brandi, writes that her party has “everything to do with friendship,” hashtagging the pic #decadeoffriendship:


What Is A Wedding Dress Party?

A wedding dress party is exactly what it sounds like: a group of women getting together to have fun while wearing wedding dresses! Part of the appeal is in wearing your wedding finery with a group of friends who may be completely different from the ones you had when you first got married.

Plus, it’s like trying on jeans from high school. It can be fun trying to squeeze back into something you wore many years ago.

Single and divorced friends don’t have to be excluded either. In fact, dressing up in a wedding dress can be a blast, no matter what your relationship status. And thanks to websites like Rent the Runaway, anyone who wants to attend a wedding dress party can simply rent one for the occasion.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

ScaryMommy.com writer Christine Burke writes that she was inspired to throw her own wedding dress party in 2017, after chatting with her group of friends about the “Friends” episode in which Monica, Rachel and Phoebe hang out at their apartment, drinking beer and eating popcorn in wedding gowns. So Burke and her group of gal pals threw their very own wedding dress party on New Year’s Eve:

Is A Wedding Dress Party For You?

Remember, not all people are nostalgic or hold onto their wedding dresses. Some women may have sold theirs or even “trashed the dress” in a photo shoot.

However, if you can convince your friends or family members to give it a try, it may just turn into the party of the year. Look at this turnout for Instagram user @dnise122’s wedding dress party:


What do you think of wedding dress parties? Would you want to attend one?

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