The world’s fastest and tallest dive coaster is being built in Canada


That’s right, the world’s fastest and tallest dive coaster is coming to the Great White North. Meet the Yukon Striker — 3,625 feet of a twisting, turning and tummy-dropping ride currently under construction at Canada’s Wonderland outside of Toronto, Ontario.

“Among the lawless boom towns and outposts, only a few will succeed in this quest for glory,” the park’s website says of the ride. “A Golden Eagle soars high on the winds watching the perilous hunt. Who will endure the longest journey? Who will conquer the tallest mountain pass, the treacherous terrain and rise worthy of the name YUKON STRIKER.”

Well, that’s intense.

When it is completed in 2019, Yukon Striker will be the world’s fastest dive coaster, coming in at 80 mph. It will also be the longest dive coaster in the world and the tallest at 245 feet. There will be three rows of eight riders who will be held at the precipice of a 90-degree drop for three seconds so they can pray to whatever deities they worship before being dropped into the abyss.

The Yukon Striker is also the first dive coaster to make a complete 360-degree loop. So three minutes later, you will get out at the same place you go on … except maybe now you have a much better appreciation of the ground.

Here, take a virtual ride, and see if you can handle it:

“This is the largest capital investment we’ve made in our park since opening,” Norm Pirtovshek, Canada’s Wonderland vice president and general manager, said in a statement. “We’re excited to offer world-class thrills and a truly unique experience for our guests next year. Yukon Striker will be the centerpiece of our new themed area Frontier Canada, delivering exhilarating and record-breaking coaster elements like no other in the world.”

So if you are a big roller coaster fan, you might want to start researching trips up north. Not me, though. I barely got through that video. I will be here, down on the ground with all of my kidney stones.

[h/t Thrillist]

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