You Can Now Buy A Puffer Coat Evening Gown—Though It’ll Cost You

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re wandering around town in your evening gown when, suddenly, you’re caught in an unexpected snowstorm. You think to yourself, “If only I had a warm, bulky coat that looks like just like my gown to keep me warm and fashionable.”

OK, so that didn’t exactly happen to you, but it must have happened to someone because clothing and jacket brand Moncler has created a brand new line out of this potential fashion crisis. The company has created a series of evening gown-like puffer coats that definitely look pretty warm — and will most certainly turn some heads.


While it may sound a bit insane, it also somehow kind of works. Don’t get me wrong, they’re definitely, shall I say, interesting, but not all of them are as crazy-looking as they sound.

Available online or at Barney’s if you happen to live in New York, you’ll find a cinched-waist puffer coat in pink or black, a down-quilted puffer cape, a sleeveless puffer evening dress (which probably won’t keep your arms very warm) and long puffer gloves (which are already sold out, in case you were wondering).


You’re really going to have to want these, though, because they are not cheap. The puffer cape will set you back a whopping $3,565, with the other two coats cost $2,565 and $2,710. This makes the gloves look like a steal at just $1,500 but, sadly, those are currently out of stock.

Here are some of our favorite comments about the apparel:

If you’re into interesting clothing items that can keep you warm but can’t shell out that much dough, you could instead order this sweatshirt blanket for $40. You could also try out this giant tube sock that covers your entire body for the mere price of $280.


Will you be setting some cash aside and ordering one of these evening gown puffer coats?