You can now buy Reese’s Trees stuffed with Pieces, in case you can’t get enough delicious peanut butter and chocolate


If you’ve ever had a seasonal Reese’s peanut butter treat, you know they somehow taste even more delicious than a normal peanut butter cup. Is it more peanut butter? More chocolate? Is it just because it’s shaped like an Easter egg or Christmas tree and the festive spirit of the dessert somehow manifests itself in your mouth?

We may never know, but I can tell you one thing for certain — this season’s Reese’s Trees are about to get even tastier. How, you ask? Well, my peanut butter loving friends, this time around they’re stuffed with — wait for it — Reese’s Pieces!


Like tiny little ornaments hidden inside a Christmas tree, the Reese’s Pieces are inside the treat, so while they look like the same tree-shaped Reese’s on the outside, they’re definitely not once you bite into them. You’ll find them in individual sizes, in case you want just one tree, or in a 6-pack if you want more (which you do, of course).

Are these more stunning than the Rockefeller tree or, dare I say, your Christmas tree? I won’t sugar coat it — they most definitely are.

Aside from these extra special Reese’s, Hershey’s also has another new seasonal treat — Hot Cocoa Hershey’s Kisses! The hot cocoa Kisses are filled with a marshmallow-flavored creme center, so each Kiss tastes like you’re drinking a mug of cocoa topped with a marshmallow.

If you’re loving the hot cocoa vibe, you can also find Hot Cocoa M&Ms this season, exclusively at Target. While not completely new, as the hot cocoa flavor was released in 2015, this year’s version has a white chocolate center that tastes like marshmallow — just like the Kisses!


Keep in mind that all three of these delicious seasonal products are just that — seasonal. If you want to try them, make sure to do so before the holiday season is over or you might be waiting until next year.

Will you be trying the new Reese’s Trees with Pieces or any of the other seasonal treats?

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