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You Can Now Get A Low-Carb/Keto Subscription Box

This would make keto snacking more convenient.

The keto diet craze is currently taking over the nation, with celebrities Halle Berry, Kourtney Kardashian and LeBron James all swearing by the high-fat, high-protein and low-carb meal plans.

However, while keto might sound simple in theory (a diet that is rich in veggies, eggs, meats and nuts), ask any keto-dieter and they will tell you: Snacking on-the-go is hard when you are a ketoer. You can’t just grab a muffin at Starbucks (though there are keto hacks to be had there) or reach for a granola bar in your bag. You have to plan ahead, and you have to be creative.

Even so, hard-boiled eggs and raw almonds can get old after a while. And, after several weeks of ketoing, the last thing you are going to want to nosh on is yet another serving of string cheese.

Luckily, there is a new subscription service that is going to take the grunt work out of snacking while cutting carbs:

My momma always said life is like a Keto Krate. You never know what you're gonna get. Last month (July) we packed the Keto Krate full of 11 new and tasty treats. We helped launch a brand new cookie flavor by @eatnui and we all celebrated with birthday cake cookies! @krunchymelts also released a new flavor of artisan meringues and the Dulce De Leche was Dulce-de-licious! You're not going to believe the hamburger flavored realness of @threejerksjerky – it's like a burger in a bag! @fatfitgo got you fat-fit-fabulous with their superior plant-based, macro-perfect pockets of energy on the go. We powered you up with @ketowatt's brand new Peanut Butter Bar so you could shine brighter than a bottle of @goultima's super refreshing electrolyte drink mix and then buttered you up with @nutiva Buttery Flavor Coconut Oil. We shared KetoManna chocolate fudge from @be.synchro with you all while keepin' it real with @nickssticks straightforward grass fed beef sticks. @ilovesnacking Air Cheese was like a breath of fresh air so you could step out onto the @paleoranch and take a big bite of their Jalapeno Garlic Kippered Beef stick. July was a snack-sational Keto-adventure full of tasty treasures. Sign up for Keto Krate today and join in the August Adventure where we'll explore a whole new world of sweet and savory snacking!

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Keto Krate offers a monthly service in which they mail healthy, keto-approved snacks right to your front door. Each month, they offer new and varied options that will keep you from getting bored, which means it will be easier for you to stick to your diet and avoid a carb binge. Subscribers receive eight or more snacks delivered each month for $34.95. This auto-renewal option can be canceled at any time — though Keto Krate thinks that once you try their low-carb and no-carb snacks, you probably will be hooked:

The July Keto Krates are about to ship! Make sure you get yours by signing up on our website If you're on the fence about signing up – here's a quick look back at our YUM-azing partners from June! 😍😍😍 @pedersonsfarms – Bacon Snack Pack @legendaryfoods – Tandy Ranch Almonds @fatsnax – Chocolate Chip Cookie @californiacountrygal – Hamburger Bun Baking Mix @Vanholtens – Dill Pickle In-A-Pouch @crunchyjtc – Wisconsin Cheddar Minis @AlternaSweets – Original BBQ Sauce @Protes – Zesty Nacho Protein Chips @Missionmeats – Original Graze Sticks @squeeze Dried – Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Sticks @bohtea – flavored tea sachets #keto #ketogenic #ketodiet #ketosis #ketofam #ketolife #ketosnack #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthymom #ketomom #ketofood #glutenfree #lchf #paleo #paleodiet #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lowcarblife #lowcarbhighfat #healthyfats #nuts #ketogeniclifestyle #ketogenicdiet #ketoweightloss #ketocommunity #ketogirl #ketoforlife

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What’s in a krate? Well, as you can see in the Instagram post above, for July, Keto Krate subscribers received everything from protein chips to chocolate chip cookies to dill pickles to cheese snacks. All are keto-approved — including a baking mix for keto-friendly hamburger buns, because as every keto dieter knows, eating naked burgers gets old after a while.

To subscribe, you can visit their web site.

Have you tried the keto diet?