You can stay on this alpaca ranch in California for $74 a night


With the increasing popularity of vacation rentals through Airbnb, Vrbo and more, hosts are getting ever more creative in order to entice new guests. You can stay in a treehouse, an igloo, a haunted house… the list goes on. If you build it (and put it on a vacation rental website), they will come.

We recently discovered that the more unique vacation rental options go way beyond just the physical property. Some of the very best homes away from home also include some unusual and extra furry guests nearby.


Alpaca Accommodations

One totally reasonable Airbnb (starting at $74 a night) offers a room on a working alpaca ranch. This special spot is located in Paso Robles, California, a beautiful destination on its own. Add in the alpacas wandering around outside your window, and it’s almost too cute to handle. Forgetting your camera for this trip would be an unfortunate fail!


This isn’t the only vacation rental with adorable animal attractions. If you love animals and traveling, there are some extra-special accommodations you won’t be able to resist.


Relax On The Ranch

Critter Mountain Ranch in southwestern Colorado is home to 17 alpacas and cozy accommodations. You can watch the alpacas right from the windows or visit the barn with a ranch hand for a closer view.


There are nearby hiking and biking trails to explore as well. This Vrbo ranch stay costs around $175 per night, but it sleeps up to eight guests.


Your Own Yurt

Another listing offers a comfortable yurt, a tent-like circular fabric structure with a wooden frame that sleeps two, surrounded by alpacas. The cute accommodations located outside Sacramento have all the modern amenities you need combined with just a touch of glamping (meaning the cell service is spotty).


Instead of scrolling on your phone, you can wander through the meadow to see the alpacas and picnic by the creek. You get all this for around $100 per night.


Historic Home

At this charming Vrbo site, you can commune with llamas, goats, chickens and more. There’s even a mini horse as your neighbor. This family-friendly stay is located in Mohican State Park in Ohio. There’s space for up to 14 guests for only $192 per night.


Alpaca Yoga

There’s also one special spot in Devon, England, where you can get your alpaca fix. Lucky guests and visitors to the Rosebud Ranch, an alpaca farm with camping accommodations, can treat themselves to tree pose amid a field of alpacas. Rosebud Ranch offers classes and tailored experiences for groups. No matter how the class is structured, attendees enjoy views of Dartmoor, a tranquil setting and, of course, the furry friends.

The owners, Nick and Lucy Aylett, specialize in breeding elite Huacaya alpacas. They raise an award-winning and therapeutic herd, and they shave their fleecy coats in order to make yarn and turn it into unique gifts. In addition to alpacas, the Ayletts also have sheep, bees, hens, cats, a Northern Inuit dog and two horses roaming around the beautiful property.

Any of these stays would be the perfect getaway for animal lovers, especially if you live in the city far from your favorite furry or feathered friends.

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