If You’re A Grandparent, These 18 Quotes Will Warm Your Heart


If you ask any grandparent about their grandchildren, chances are they’ll have endless positive things to say about them (and vice versa!). Whether grandparents are attending a school recital, making after-school snacks for their kids’ kids, babysitting so the parents can have a date night, baking cookies in the kitchen or throwing around a baseball, one thing’s for sure: They love fulfilling their duties as grandma or grandpa.

There’s such a special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. It’s one of the most meaningful relationships in many people’s lives—and for good reason. Grandparents don’t have to deal with many of the stressors of raising kids (potty training, bedtime battles, messy rooms), so they can just shower their grandchildren with love, love love!

Below, we found some of the greatest quotes out there about “grandparenthood.” If you’re a grandma or grandpa, you’ll definitely relate. And, for all of your grandkids out there, these quotes will remind you just how much your grandma and grandpa love you!

1. As Someone Who Was Raised By My Grandma, I Can Definitely Relate

2. It’s A Family Affair


3. Grandparents Are An Elite Group


4. A Grandparent’s Love Knows No Limits

5. Their Love Is Truly Endless

6. There Are No Words

7. And Grandchildren Help Keep The Love Alive, Too

8. Grandmas Can Keep A Secret Like No One Else Can


9. And Grandmas Are Modest, LOL

10. And Let’s Not Forget About Grandpas


11. Grandparents Miss Us Whenever They’re Not With Us

12. Grandparents Always Love A Good Hug

13. What Grandparent Do You Know Who Doesn’t Think This, Right?!

14. Grandparents Cherish Their Grandkids

15. A Lot

16. Grandchildren Have A Way Of Brightening Up The Day

17. Most Importantly, Grandparents Love Their Grandchildren Unconditionally

18. This Pretty Much Sums It Up

Awww, are you feeling nostalgic like we are and wanting to call or see your grandma, grandpa or grandchildren right now? Well, don’t waste another minute! Get on the phone or hop in a car and reconnect with your grandparents.