Apparently We’ve Been Charging Our Phones All Wrong

Does your phone battery die halfway throughout the day?


Bonus Tip:  This charging advice applies to more than just your cell phone, too.

Lithium-ion batteries are used in an array of products, including laptops, tablets, cordless power tools and even electric/hybrid vehicles (even the Mars Curiosity rover runs on lithium-ion batteries!), so be sure to take note and get a proper charge for all your “Li-ion” toys.

Wondering how to supercharge your phone when you’ve only got five minutes to charge it? We’ve got that answered for you, too. (At least if you have an iPhone, that is.)

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By following these tips, you hopefully can get your battery to charge faster. And, by taking care of your phone and its battery, your smartphone might not drain as quickly. Because, no one wants to get caught with the dreaded low battery notification!