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How The ‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Plans To Spend Her Prize Money

What does a 12-year-old newly minted millionaire do with her new found fortune? Ventriloquist and national sensation Darci Lynne Farmer won the “America’s Got Talent” season 12 title on Wednesday.

Throughout the season, she seemed to handle the pressure like a total pro. Still, you have to wonder what went through her brain as she stood on that finale stage waiting for the big announcement. Farmer admitted her nerves almost got the better of her.

darci lynne farmer
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“I was so stressed out. That was the longest 30 seconds of my life,” Farmer told Entertainment Tonight. “I was, like, just spit it out Ty Ty! ”

And how adorable did she look when she found out she won?

Farmer’s win capped off a run that began with her getting Mel B’s golden buzzer at the start of the season. The young girl and her bunny, Petunia, sang a rousing rendition of “Summertime’ and captured the judge’s heart, along with the rest of America. In the end, the viewers voted to give Farmer the “AGT” title and prizes.

Watch her winning performance below:


So, what’s in store for Miss Darci Lynne and her menagerie now that the season ended? The ventriloquist took some time away from her beloved puppets to share her plans for some of the $1 million prize money.

“First, I am definitely going to give some money to my mission program at church, and then I have to get my mom a dishwasher,” Farmer said. “Then I’m definitely going to get a pug, because I really want one—if my parents let me.”

Sure, she’s a television star, but it’s great to see she’s still a little girl who wants a new puppy. And, kudos to her for wanting to take care of mom and her church, too!

But Farmer won’t spend that $1 million too soon. In fact, Forbes published a report about how “America’s Got Talent” pays out the prize money. The winning contestant has two choices:

  • Receive the $1 million prize as an annuity paid out over 40 years. This equals about $25,000 per year before taxes.
  • Get a lump sum payment for approximately $300,000 before taxes.

And in case you’re worried about going through Darci Lynne withdrawal now that the AGT season has ended, don’t worry: Farmer and her furry, talkative friends will soon headline a couple shows in Las Vegas that super fans can try to catch.

The morning after the live season finale, “AGT” tweeted details about the show.

The show runs for two performances (Nov. 2 and Nov. 3) at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. In addition to Farmer’s headlining act, the audience will see performances from finalists Angelica Hale, Light Balance and Preacher Lawson. For more information on tickets, visit Ticketmaster.com. Presale tickets go on sale Friday, Sept. 22.


Walt Disney World Reveals New Slinky Dog Coaster Car

Walt Disney World has many changes coming to the resort over the next five years. The new Toy Story Land planned for Disney’s Hollywood Studios has fans excited, for sure. In particular, the Slinky Dog Dash Coaster looks to be the new addition’s centerpiece attraction.

Fans waiting for news about the upcoming park expansion got a sneak peek at the new ride! And, Disney presented it in the most creative way, of course!

You’ve gotta love those Green Army Men!

Slinky Dog Dash Coaster Nears Completion

The arrival of the Slinky Dog cars means the new coaster is definitely getting closer to completion! The cars came from a build and design team in Germany all the way to Florida. Workers on the Disney’s Hollywood Studios site couldn’t wait for the cars to arrive. Back on Aug. 1, Disney shared the news of the placement of the coaster’s final piece of track.

“There’s been tremendous teamwork… tremendous teamwork between our ride team, or facilities team and our show team,” said Shannon Mashchack, Senior Project Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering. “They have to work together to integrate all the parts and pieces that makes this the wonderful experience that it’s going to be.”

The Slinky Dog Dash will bring a new coaster to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Riders will experience a family-friendly attraction where Slinky Dog dashes, dodges, turns and drops around a track Andy built with his Mega Coaster Play Kit. Disney parks experts at TouringPlans.com anticipate the ride will have a minimum height requirement of between 32 and 35 inches. This means even little ones can enjoy a spin on the new ride!

Aliens Are Also Coming To Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land also has a second big attraction headed to the park. Alien Swirling Saucers features the cute little green guys Andy got from Pizza Planet. They zoom around in their toy flying saucers and try to capture the rider’s rocket toy vehicle with “The Claw.” Sounds like out-of-this-world fun!

Disney recently confirmed Toy Story Land is expected to open sometime in the Summer of 2018. We can’t wait!

Toy Story Land
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