The Internet Is Loving Baby Pumpkin Butts All Over Instagram

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Warning: Naked baby butts ahead!

Get ready for your new favorite Halloween trend: Baby pumpkin butts!

Yes. Baby pumpkin butts. Never heard of ’em? Well, it’s pretty simple. Take one dimply, adorable baby butt and then transform it into a pumpkin.

That’s right. Baby pumpkin butts are here to save 2017 from the brink, ready to bring smiles and giggles into every dark day.

So freakin’ cute!

Micah’s Fall Photoshoot!! #babymicah #october3rd #fallphotoshoot #babypumpkinbutt

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It’s a trend that’s really taking off! Here are some more cute photos:

What is it about baby pumpkin butts that is so adorable?!

If you’re itching to try this Halloween trend out for yourself, it’s pretty simple. Just use a non-toxic paint, like this face paint from Amazon, which is safe for skin and safe to breathe in. Use a soft brush or a sponge stippler.

Lay down some old towels or a shower liner in order to keep any mess to a minimum. Then lay your wee one on his tummy. Keep her distracted with toys or books while you paint your little bum-kin.

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Make sure your camera is handy so that you can start snapping pics right away, because a wiggly baby with a wet painted bottom won’t be manageable for long! And if you do the photo shoot outside by an outdoor Halloween display, make sure the weather is warm so she doesn’t catch a chill.

Too cold where you live for baby pumpkin butts? Try this indoor project from The Sweet Mama. She used a baby’s bottom as a ‘stamp,’ which creates a unique keepsake of baby’s first Halloween.

Just paint that little booty and sit him down on a blank canvas. Easiest and cutest artwork ever!

The Sweet Mama

One word of caution, though: Let’s keep these trend focused on babies, not grown men. EEEK!

Thank you, Instagram, you’re always good for a laugh. Happy Halloween, everyone!

[H/t: Pop Sugar]