Brides And Grooms Are Now Renting Bouncy Castles For Their Weddings

There’s no doubt about it: Weddings are a time for celebration. If you’re looking to go all out for your reception or after-party, then you’re going to love the latest trend in wedding fun. Brides and grooms are renting bouncy castles for their wedding party and guests to enjoy.

Gone is the stereotype that weddings need to be serious, stuffy affairs. You and your guests will feel like kids again, jostling around inside an inflatable bouncy castle. Talk about memorable — we can’t think of anything better to make sure everyone is able to let loose and have a good time!

A Wedding Wonderland

There are companies in the U.K., such as A Wedding Wonderland1 Entertainment and Mr. Bouncy Castle, which have become popular among wedding planners.

1 Entertainment

If you rent from one of those companies, you’ll get a bounce castle that will fit your wedding — because this isn’t your average kids’ party tent here. Instead, these are all-white and fitting for a formal (but fun) affair.

Here’s a shot of a fun-loving bride and groom letting loose in a bouncy house. What a memorable wedding photo that makes!

1 Entertainment

Here’s an image showing the guests having just as much fun as the bride and groom  in a 1 Entertainment bouncy castle:

1 Entertainment

And here’s a super-cute blue and white-striped castle from a company called Vowed & Amazed, which does custom signs and backdrops for weddings and other events:

Wouldn’t this make the perfect backdrop for hilarious wedding photos full of LOL-worthy candid moments?

Here’s another example of a bounce castle from A Wedding Wonderland that’s dressed up with colorful flowers. How fun! (Also, you won’t have to worry about kids being bored at your wedding reception if you have one of these on hand.)

Your bouncy castle does not need to be only white, either. This photo, shared on Instagram by ‘Til I DIY, shows a bride and groom jumping in a traditional multi-colored bouncy house that you might see at a kid’s birthday party — and it looks like a ton of fun!

So far, it seems like there aren’t too many castle rentals for weddings based in the U.S. A company called Wedding Bounce House Rentals calls itself “the ONLY wedding inflatables rental shop in the U.S.” You can learn more about pricing (for the continental U.S. only, sorry!) here.

Other Fun Ideas

Another fabulous idea could be to rent a bounce house for your bachelor and bachelorette parties instead. Then the color won’t matter nearly as much. (We just recommend you do your bouncing before any drinking begins, for obvious reasons. And here’s a good suggested list of other rules to follow!)


If your bachelor or bachelorette party is taking place poolside, this water slide bounce house looks like tons of fun:

Looking for some more quirky inspiration for a non-traditional wedding reception? This couple had a four-tier pizza instead of a wedding cake. We’re guessing their guests were not disappointed!

Todd Good Photography

Animal lovers will be pleased to know that there’s an animal therapy center in Oregon that rents llamas for weddings and other special occasions. The llamas can even arrive dressed up in costumes.

All proceeds go to Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas’ therapy and education program.

RELATED: Once you step out of the bouncy castle, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Prosecco Van waiting to fill your glass with some bubbly?

So if you’re looking to spice up your wedding with something that’ll remind everyone that you’re only as old as you feel, a bounce house be the solution for you!