We Can’t Stop Laughing At These Adorable Ballet-Dancing Dads

There are some Pennsylvania dads sashaying straight to our hearts. The Philadelphia Dance Center held a Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Ballet Class, and what was supposed to be some genuine father-daughter (or father-son) bonding time resulted in millions of views on Facebook and Instagram. Millions!

The dance center was kind enough to share some of the best moments with us on social media. In their best gym and loungewear, the dads started class by learning how to gracefully leap across the dance floor, paired with their kids. We think they’re ready for the “Nutcracker” stage—almost.

Daddy Daughter Valentine’s Ballet Class ❤❤❤

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The dads also learned some partnering moves with their perfectly proper prima ballerinas! They looked a bit more comfortable executing this move!

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Some dads really got into the spirit, busting out the tutus. But wait, was that the Bunny Hop? Good effort, dad.


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And boy do we give them credit for trying to twirl! These dads are attempting perfect piqué turns. Don’t get too dizzy!

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At the end of class, dads and ballet students were all smiles. Here they are are striking one final pose.

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The videos and posts have been shared thousands of times and the dancing dads have been all over national news outlets including USA Today, CBS, People and ABC. They also appeared as guests on the weekend morning show “Fox & Friends.”

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The Philadelphia Dance Center is soaking in the love, posting on Facebook that the center has received emails from around the world, “We got emails from Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Spain, Taiwan, China, Canada, and more!” They also put out a thank you for all of the support they received: “Thank you for recognizing the beauty, love, and joy that dance can bring into the world. It just proves that art, love and family are the international language.”

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You just have to love a dad willing to do just about anything—and we mean anything—for his little ballerina.

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