Dad recreated Harry Potter’s ‘Cupboard Under the Stairs’ for his sons and it’s magical

“The Cupboard Under the Stairs, 4 Privet Drive…”

Harry Potter fans will know this address instantly! That’s where our mistreated wizard lived until Hagrid crashed into his world and revealed his magical bloodlines. It’s a dusty cupboard that is home to spiders but is also the only corner of the Dursley’s home which is Harry’s and Harry’s alone, so it becomes his sanctuary and his safe place in the loud, unwelcoming abode.

And now, one very cool dad in Connecticut has turned a storage space under his stairs into a cozy tribute to the Harry’s cramped living space. Peter Fragola, a 38-year-old father of two, is an avid Harry Potter fan, as well as just a fan of reading in general. As such, he wanted to create a space in his own house that his boys could use for reading, dreaming and relaxing.

“As an elementary school principal and former teacher I know how important it is for children to have a space of their own to read and do school work, and a space where they feel comfortable. Clearly I took my inspiration from the famous cupboard where Harry Potter spent most of his childhood,” Fragola wrote in his blog “Sorry Son(s): Chronicles of a New Dad.”

Fragola set to work transforming the small storage area into a place that every Potter fan would adore. For paint colors, he went with the Gryffindor house colors: Maroon and gold. He also wanted to include some of his favorite quotes from the series to help inspire his sons to grow into good wizards (and good men), such as “…have fun, work hard, and stay true and honest.”

Chronicles Of A New Dad

Fragola covered the walls with articles from The Daily Prophet (the newspaper of the wizarding world), including headlines about the Quidditch World Cup and “He Who Shall Not Be Named.”

Fragola’s son Jax also said that he wanted a window in his cupboard-under-the-stairs room, so this hard-working dad cut out a little peek-a-boo window on the wall, along with some faux brick to bring home that Diagon Alley feel.

Here is how it looked before:

Chronicles of a New Dad

And after:

Chronicles of A New Dad

How cool!

Chronicles of A New Dad

Then, Fragola placed some carpet, added a few Harry Potter accessories (such as a Platform Nine and Three-Quarters pillow and a Hedwig stuffie) and magic was made.

Chronicles of A New Dad

OK, dad, good work … now when can we move in!?

See more pictures of the awesome project at Fragola’s blog.

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