6 Foods That Are The Worst For Your Midsection

The holidays are here, and with that means lots of parties… as well as lots of delicious food and desserts. However, not all of them are good for us—not our midsections, at least. We’ve told you about how to shrink your midsection, but here are some foods for thought before we eat yet another Christmas cookie.

1. Milk

Yes… milk! (I love all-fat milk, especially as a sleep remedy, so this news makes me very sad.) Experts say not to eliminate milk altogether—we could all use the calcium and nutrients it provides, after all—but do be aware of the ill effects of full-fat or two-percent milk: namely, fat and calories. But, a lot of low-fat milk will add up to a serving of whole milk, so even if you switch to low- or no-fat milk, drink the same amount as you used to, not more.

2. Potato Chips

Sure, when we were kids, our parents told us potato chips were bad for us, but we didn’t believe them, right? Well, there’s good reason to now. According to Harvard researchers, not only is the fat from them bad, but their salt causes bloating. A lose-lose situation for sure. A study found that eating potato chips every day caused people to gain two (unnecessary) pounds every four years. Plus, their addictive natures don’t do our stomachs good, either. And, when’s the last time potato chips filled you up? Exactly. Try some of these filling, protein-rich foods instead.

3. Soda

This is probably a given, but it never ceases to amaze me how many people drink soda daily (and usually a lot), yet are watching their weight. Whether it’s regular or diet, soda’s not good for us for many reasons: the sugar, the fat it converts to that loves to hang out around our middle, the caffeine, the illnesses too much sugar promotes (like diabetes)… do you need anymore reasons? Plus, soda is addictive, making us crave it more and more, then consume it more and more. This woman lost 112 pounds when she gave up Coca-Cola. (If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.) A much better alternative is water, or fruit-infused water if you need some flavor.

Still not convinced? What this penny test and see what the soda does to the pretty penny.

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4. Pizza

I live on pizza, so this was very sad research for me to uncover. But, the saturated fat in pizza (hello, cheese) is the worst for us—for our hearts, at least. Our arteries don’t like the fat, which then lands on our midsections.

5. Cheese

Cheese is the best: delicious, easy-to-eat, and full of calcium. But, it’s also the worst (damn that saturated fat). Of course, saturated fat means more cholesterol, which we don’t want pumping through our veins. Even two tiny portions of cheese could equate to our recommended daily fat intake (!).

6. Bad Fats

Yes, fat is a given in terms of landing in our stomach areas and being stubborn and not wanting to leave. Three main fats to avoid are: saturated fats (processed meat), trans fats (fried foods), and omega-6 fats (corn oil). Coconut oil is a great, healthier substitute, for example—mainly due to its medium chain triglycerides. Instead of sticking to your middle like saturated fat does, it’s more likely to burn off as energy and also not spike your cholesterol. Pharmacology did a study that found that two tablespoons per day lessened waist circumference by approximately 1.1 inches over a month. Try using it in anything and everything, even eggs and vegetables—things you wouldn’t think of using it to cook with.

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