How quickly can you find the 6 hidden pumpkins?

illustration of an autumnal park scene on orange background
Spin Genie UK

Autumn days have arrived. The leaves on the trees are changing color and falling to the ground. It gets darker outside earlier. And with less than two weeks until Halloween, it’s prime pumpkin patch season!

Usually, pumpkins are pretty easy to find almost anywhere we look this time of year. Stores have shelves filled with pumpkin-themed products, and restaurants have entire menu sections dedicated to pumpkin spice drinks and desserts.

Even those popular hidden picture puzzles are getting in on the “gourd time” with new brain teasers for the Halloween season. Here’s one:

illustration of an autumnal park scene on orange background
Spin Genie UK

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Puzzle designers at Spin Genie in the U.K. connected with the Simplemost team to share some of the website’s latest brainteasers.

One of them features a lovely fall scene at a park. Families enjoy a nice day outside among piles of colored leaves already fallen to the ground. Tucked away in this seasonal scene are six hidden pumpkins. How quickly can you find them?

The first couple seem pretty simple. However, due to the many reds and oranges in the image, the remaining pumpkins almost disappear from view.

If you’re having a hard time finding all of the pumpkins in the puzzle, don’t worry. Spin Genie kindly provided the solution to the puzzle and we have it here.

Looking for more fall brain teasers? How about a couple from the viral puzzle master Gergely Dudás, a.k.a. Dudolf?

First, we have a challenging puzzle with an acorn playing hide and seek among a picture full of autumn leaves.

Or, in keeping with the pumpkin theme, why not try your skills at one of Dudolf’s jack-o’-lantern brain teasers? Find one with no nose.

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Be ready for more Halloween puzzle fun as we share other hidden-image brain benders soon!

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