People Are Buzzing About Broccoli Coffee—But Does It Taste Good?

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First, avocado coffee was introduced to the world. Then, for a brief blip of time, carrot lattes were a trend. Now, people are buzzing about broccoli coffee.

While Starbucks and other U.S.-based coffee makers are trying to wow customers with sugary coffee drinks like unicorn frappuccinos, Australians seem to be on a quest to concoct the healthiest caffeinated beverage yet.

In fact, the invention of broccoli coffee can be credited to Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and a horticulture group called Hort Innovation that came up with the idea in an effort to reduce food waste and make their fellow citizens healthier.

The researchers believe infusing espresso with pulverized broccoli powder, which is high in fiber and protein, is an easy way for people to boost their daily vegetable intake.


What Does Broccoli Coffee Taste Like?

At a Melbourne café where it’s served, broccoli coffee has reportedly received “mixed reviews.” Apparently, it tastes like … broccoli. And while there could be health benefits to drinking a broccoli latte, just the idea of putting broccoli in coffee might be enough to dissuade some people.

Even the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization seems to realize their product may not make for the best cup of joe, although they point out the powder would work great for soups and smoothies. This man’s face after he takes a sip of broccoli coffee in the video below says it all:

Where Can You Buy Broccoli Powder?

While we don’t know of any U.S. coffee shops that are serving broccoli coffee (yet), those curious enough to try it can buy broccoli powder from Amazon and DIY the drink at home. All you need to do is mix the powder with steamed milk, add it to espresso and voilà!

Not on board with the broccoli coffee trend? You can reap the same health benefits by adding broccoli powder to a green juice or smoothie and keep your morning cup of coffee out of it!