Prince George And Princess Charlotte Are Learning To Speak This Other Language

Prince George is only 4 years old but, as heir to the throne, all eyes are always on the adorable little tyke. From the toys he plays with to the lunch served at his prestigious school to his fashion choices, the public just can’t get enough about the details of the tiny royal’s life.

And last year, Kate Middleton revealed that her cultured young son is already learning to speak Spanish. The Duchess of Cambridge confirmed at a charity event that his 2-year-old sister, Charlotte, is also learning the foreign language. George can already count up to 10 in Spanish. And Charlotte reportedly sometimes speaks to her Spanish-speaking nanny, Maria Turrion Borrallo, in her native tongue.

prince george photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

While it’s not as easy for kids to pick up another language as you may think, there are definitely many benefits to being multilingual. While it may not be as common stateside, in other countries, speaking more than one language is the norm. In fact, worldwide, more than half of people speak at least two languages. And with good reason: Multilingualism has been shown to have a number of social, psychological and lifestyle advantages, including improved concentration, better mental flexibility, expanded job opportunities and better cultural understanding.

For Prince George and Princess Charlotte, speaking multiple languages is in their blood. Their dad, Prince William, speaks five languages in addition to English: Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Swahili and  Vietnamese. Check out the royal family showing off their talent for foreign languages in the video below:

While it may take some time for George and Charlotte to get up to the level of their older family members, learning Spanish is a good place to start, as the British Council has named Spanish as the most important language for people in the UK to learn. Spanish is spoken by 400 million people worldwide, and more people speak Spanish than English.

How many languages can you speak?