Puppy Pilates is the sweetest workout you’ll ever try

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that dogs—as lovable, cuddly and adorable as they are—are scientifically proven to enhance the lives of their owners. From motivating fat-burning workouts and boosting your mood to even rekindling the spark in your marriage, our canine companions never fail to love us unconditionally and impress us with their ability to make everything in the world seem A-OK.

So, animal enthusiasts of the world, take a deep breath and get ready for the best thing ever to happen to working out: Puppy Pilates! No offense to goat yoga, but this sounds amazing.

A boutique pilates studio in Asheville, North Carolina decided to incorporate puppies into its pilates classes earlier this month in the name of fundraising for a good cause.

Cisco Pilates partnered with Asheville’s Humane Society to create a workout class featuring dozens of cuddly puppies that are up for adoption.


Yes, you read that correctly. People got to sign up for a body-sculpting workout class (for only $10!) while sweet, innocent puppies wandered the room looking for love and attention. As if life could get any better, the organization waved adoption fees for the puppies who attended the class.

Show up to class, work out and adopt a precious pup for free? Sign me up!


As you’d expect, the two puppy pilates classes that the studio offered were sold out. But who knows? Maybe puppy pilates classes will spread throughout the country! That’s one workout trend I can get behind without hesitation!


While puppy pilates may have been the studio’s biggest hit to date, Cisco Pilates is no stranger to charitable endeavors. Every month, Cisco Pilates offers a raffle to raise money and awareness for local organizations in the Western North Carolina area. In addition, they offer free classes at a local library.

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