Red Vines unveils new cinnamon roll Twistettes flavor

Red Vines

Lots of our favorite treats have gotten more creative lately. From Sour Patch Kids popsicles, to Oreo iced coffee, to Cold Stone Creamery cereal, to pickle ice cream, it’s a fabulous time to have a sweet tooth and a sense of culinary adventure.

Candy company Red Vines is also jumping on this food trend with their newest Twistettes flavor: cinnamon roll. The bite-size pieces blend cinnamon and frosting flavors for a unique take on the beloved fat-free treat. Although they may have the same texture as other Twistettes flavors, this is not your standard candy, people.

Kaitlin Gates

Red Vines already makes birthday cake Twistettes, and the cinnamon roll flavor seemed like an intriguing combination that I needed to try. So, with no selfish motivation whatsoever and purely for your sake, dear readers, I did just that. (Red Vines generously sent me a package to sample!)

I know, I know, it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.


First off, just opening the bag smelled like cinnamon rolls, so I have to admit I was already pretty convinced that they were going to be amazing. The light brown color suggested these candies might taste like caramel, which I was also totally down for. But one whiff and it was pretty clear my taste buds were in for the sweet taste of cinnamon. And yes, they really did taste like cinnamon roll-flavored licorice!

(Fun fact: Red Vines technically aren’t really licorice, although they taste that way. The black-colored Red Vines contain licorice extract, meaning they are true licorice candies. However, red-colored and purple-colored Red Vines contain citric acid and food coloring.)

As you might expect, the cinnamon roll Red Vines were not ooey-gooey and warm like the freshly-baked treat, but were perfectly chewy and had just the right amount of sweetness. They also made me think of Christmas or a family gathering — something about the smell and taste was just, I suppose, comforting?

If you’re looking for the exact taste of cinnamon rolls, you know what to do — bake some yourself at home. But if you’re craving a sweet and chewy treat, these Red Vines will definitely hit the spot. To be honest, I ate the whole pack while writing this … but that’s just because I’m committed to my craft, obviously.


Red Vines suggests jazzing up your baking repertoire by adding them to actual cinnamon rolls. Simply put the Twistettes into unrolled cinnamon roll dough, then roll them up and bake on 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Of course, you should then also sprinkle more Twistettes on top after drizzling them with icing.

Red Vines

Cinnamon roll Red Vines Twistettes will be available this summer at your local Target. Will you be trying this latest candy concoction?

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