Subway is now making 350-calorie Halo Top milkshakes with 20 grams of protein

It’s official — the summer season is underway at Subway. The sandwich shop has teamed up with Halo Top Creamery to deliver the most delicious treat to pair with your sub — yes, it might even top their available cookie options.

Select Subway locations are testing out Halo Top milkshakes, which are packed with 20 grams of protein. The new shakes are cold and creamy and each has between 280-360 calories. They also provide 30% of your daily calcium needs.

The milkshakes come in three classic flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla Bean. They are made using Halo Top Creamery’s healthy alternative to regular ice cream.

While you won’t be able to stroll into any old Subway store to get your hands on one of these milkshakes, there are almost 1,000 participating locations across the country.

According to a press release, you can find the milkshakes at select locations in Colorado Springs, ColoradoHartford, ConnecticutLongview and Tyler, TexasSalt Lake City, UtahToledo, Ohio; and West Palm Beach, Florida.

The milkshakes look absolutely delicious, so let’s hope they’re widely available very soon.

Courtesy Subway

But, considering these milkshakes are in the testing phase, there’s a real possibility that Halo Top milkshakes will eventually be found at Subway spots everywhere — especially since the companies seem very excited to make this collaboration happen.

“We are passionate about creating delicious new menu items for our guests that can’t be found anywhere else. We share Halo Top’s values that taste does not need to be sacrificed to create better-for-you options,” said Len Van Popering, Subway’s chief brand and innovation officer, in the press release. “We are excited to bring this popular brand to our guests in a never-before-seen way that we know they will love.”

The testing phase will last from July 22 through September 4, so you’ve got the rest of the summer to sip on one of these yummy shakes if you live near a participating location.

If you don’t happen to live near one of the Subway shops serving these up — you’re not completely out of luck! Turns out, it’s pretty easy to whip up a Halo Top milkshake at home.

This version from the Water Jug Fitness YouTube channel even lets you add actual Oreo cookies into the blender to give the shake added sweetness, flavor and a bit of crunch. Of course, you can always leave out the cookies if you were hoping for a lower-calorie treat:

Halo Top has lots of dairy-filled and dairy-free ice cream flavors to choose from — there’s everything from Chocolate Covered Banana to Birthday Cake — so you can get creative when making your own custom Halo Top shake. Or you can try some other recipes incorporating different Halo Top flavors.

For example, this recipe for Red Velvet Ice Cream Donuts from the Halo Top website looks easy and delicious. These sweet treats are basically made up of Halo Top Red Velvet ice cream, molded into a doughnut shape by a doughnut pan, then dipped into dark chocolate and frozen. Drizzle white chocolate on top to finish it off.

Halo Top

Or how about this one, the Halo Top Coconut Shake, which is another take on the milkshake from the company’s Canadian recipe blog? It’s super simple, requiring just two flavors of Halo Top (Toasted Coconut and Chocolate), a banana, and milk. You can simply blend the ingredients together and have yourself a sweet snack!

Hmm, we really like this idea of mixing different Halo Top flavors together to create interesting milkshake combos. How about Peanut Butter Cup with Strawberry? Or Strawberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Bean? Or for a non-dairy version with a milk substitute, maybe Oatmeal Cookie and Vanilla Maple? The options are endless!

Halo Top Canada

Or, you know, you can still swing by your local Subway to get a regular Halo Top chocolate shake spun up for you!

Happy sipping!

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