Transform Your Backyard This Fall With An Amazing Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Let’s all agree: Fall is the best. The air is beginning to cool, leaves are starting to turn, there are fall festivals everywhere, and fall food is fantastic.

But how do you keep enjoying your backyard when it starts to get chilly? Regular old fire pits are fine, outdoor space heaters are a fancy upgrade, but nothing to look at. How about this absolutely awesome Wine Barrel Fire pit?

The top is gorgeous, featuring wine corks encased in glass, and a cover to match.

The whole thing is gas-powered, so there’s no fuss and no muss, unlike traditional wood-burning fire pits.

AWineofaKind / Etsy

You can buy one, but we think $2,500.00 is ridiculously steep for a fire pit, so why not just build it yourself with these handy-dandy instructions? (h/t Instructables)