Try Not To Laugh Out Loud At This Baby’s First Word

A child saying his or her first word is a pretty exciting time for parents. Usually it’s “no” or “uh oh,” or maybe it’s what every parent is waiting to hear—either “mama” or “dada.”

These words and phrases are all easy to say and babies hear them frequently, so it’s no surprise that they rank high on the list of first words.

But what if your child bypasses the parent names and goes right for someone else? Someone they don’t even know.


Say, a superhero? “Yeah, right,” you say. But wait! We have some (adorable!) proof that it can happen.


New dad Michael McAvoy shared a video of what he says is his daughter’s first word in a tweet that quickly went viral with more than 19,000 retweets. Check it out and just try not to be impressed:

Yup, you heard right. After McAvoy sang the theme song, his daughter, Millie, said “Batman” right on cue.

McAvoy writes in his tweet that he’s a bit of a geek and “over-the-moon” about her first word, but can’t understand why his wife isn’t happy about it, too. LOL.


McAvoy’s tweet has garnered hundreds of comments, with some other parents sharing their children’s first words as well, including one mom who said her son’s first word was “Boba,” as in Boba Fett, a character from “Star Wars.” Also hilarious!


One dad even shared a video of his son naming the Avengers, which he says he knew before he could count. Quite impressive!

Babies usually utter their first words between 12 and 18 months, but there are things you can do to help them get to that first word even sooner.

Exposing your child to language is a great way to get him or her talking. Chat with your little ones often and get creative! Read books to them or even talk to yourself. You might think it sounds crazy, but the more language a baby hears, the better.


You can also have conversations with your child. Just because he or she may not yet be able to respond doesn’t mean they aren’t hearing you, and even understanding a lot of what you’re saying.

baby photo
Getty Images | Mark Thompson

And, of course, when they do say their first word, get excited! Cheer and clap and it will encourage them to keep talking.


And no, your baby’s first word doesn’t have to be something super cool like “Batman.” “Mama” and “dada” are just as adorable—and maybe even more wonderful to hear.